Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Elegant churches and beautiful murals.

วัดสุทัศน์ โบสถ์ที่สง่างามและวาดภาพจิตรกรรมฝาผนังที่งดงาม

Wat Suthat, which is well known for its giant red swings, stands at the entrance of one of the oldest and most impressive temples in Bangkok. And an elegant church with beautiful murals and intricately carved teak door panels And one of the six temples in Thailand with the highest level of monastery

King Rama I was the first ruler of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. In 1782 he ordered the construction of the Suthat Temple. The construction lasted for many decades and finally completed the temple in the reign of King Rama III in 2390. The temple complex, officially named Wat Suthat Thepwararam, is one of the largest temples. In Bangkok covers an area of ​​10 acres

Highlight Suthat Temple Famous for its swing pillars, rather than the impressive interior architecture, which is not to be missed after the grandeur of the Grand Palace and nearby Phra Kaew Temple The inner courtyard of the temple around the large church has 156 Buddha images, located along the outer wall and four hand-carved entrance doors, each piece with complex details. Mural in the main church, details of all 24 Buddha images, previously used Western painting techniques with science, a unique view of this temple. The outer wall is a Chinese stone sculpture and an eight-story hexagonal pagoda which is believed to have been delivered as a ballast with a Chinese junk boat.

Giant swings at Wat Suthat are located at 21.15 meters between Wat Suthat and the Bangkok City Hall. The tall pillars, two pillars and beams of elaborately carved columns are unparalleled. After making many improvements, the original Giant Swing, which was built in 1784, was replaced in 2004 with a whole new build of golden teak. The creation of a new swing is a complex process of hand-carved, painted, painted and coated by high-level craftsmen and has many contributions from civil engineers to the Department of Forestry to Brahmin priests.

In the past, during the ceremony The Brahmins ‘Thanksgiving’ is celebrated every year after rice harvest. In mid-December, the young man will ride high swings in the air, stopping 24 meters from the ground when full swing and trying to grab. Coin purse with their teeth As a result of serious injury and minor death resulting in a dangerous swing strike in 1932, but the swing still attracts both worshipers and tourists

Opening hours : 08: 30-17: 00 every day 
Location : Bamrung Muang Road, Old City (Rattanakosin) opposite Bangkok City Hall 
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/RgHf6ApJsdZNL29p9