Wat Sirindhornwararam

Sirinthorn Wararam Phupao Temple is located on a high hill. A wonderful tree glowing at night is beautifully set. Have simulated the environment of Pa Himmaphan Temple or Khao Krailas Temple At the top of the mountain, he can see the golden-colored temple. The highlight of the temple is The sight of the glowing green image of the Kalapapruek tree, which is painted on the back wall of the temple at night

The perfect time to watch and shoot is from 17.30-21.00 hrs, which, if lucky, will see many stars full of the sky as well, but this glowing image, if viewed with the naked eye, will see only a little. Will not see green as clear as the pictures taken with the camera Therefore, some tourists who come to collect pictures of beauty through the eyes must also provide for their hearts.

Viewpoint, which is the view of the Mekong River And behind the temple is a viewing point in Laos For the glowing Kalapapruek tree Is a skillful designer of the mechanic Khun Karon Phunpunno, who has put his own mosaic on each piece With inspiration from the tree of life In the movie Avatar By using fluorescence or fluorescence around the beginning The properties of fluorescence will receive sunshine in the daytime.

With this art Facing east Or turn to the west So it seems like an energy barrier during the daytime Then will shine out at night Is to exude energy The temple has a prototype from Wat Chiang Thong, Laos. Each post is hand-painted. The outer part is a lotus pattern and all the animals follow the lotus. 4 entrance, etc. Sal.

Open daily 06.00-21.00 hrs. 
Location : Chongmek Subdistrict, Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani 34350 
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/7BTfXeyJFDyroq8X7