Wat Kalayanamitr. Beautiful unique architecture

Wat Kalayanamitr. Beautiful unique architecture

With a faithful heart when traveling to Bangkok Come to pay homage to the sacred people of Thonburi at “Kalayanamit Temple, Woramahawihan”, which is often referred to as “Kaliyamitim Temple” Safe escape And have a good friendship When we arrived, we went to pay homage to “Phra Rattana Rattana Prime” (Luang Pho To).

This temple has a unique architectural style. Showing the perfect combination of Thai and Chinese culture Can be seen from the front door of the royal temple, or “konlathawar”, a Chinese stone arch that looks like a stone carved in pieces And then assembled into an arch Is a symbol of Chinese prosperity

Therefore, walking through this arch is a fortune. And to eliminate the bad things before going to worship Luang Pho To Kalyanamit Temple The interior of the royal temple enshrines Luang Pho To or Phra Rattana Rattana Prime. Which is the only temple in Thailand that is a Buddha statue Chinese people are very respectful. There is also a painting decorated with Bunnag flower pattern, as well as the gable of the royal temple. Instead of using Buddhist history And Apisit As other temples

In addition, the temple also has an interesting annual festival. “Tradition of Abandonment” which is a tradition that people will come to make merit for charity. Who believe that Yom will release the Phantoms to receive merit on the human world once a year This tradition will be held every year in mid-7 of China (9 months of every year).

Location : Arun Amarin Road, New Road, Wat Kanaya, Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600, map coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/o8b9RTrqkkGfE6QM8

By boat, take a ferry at Pak Khlong Talat Pier, go up to Wat Kanlayamit Temple. Open daily from 06.00-17.00 hrs.