View Point, Chittaphawan Temple, Pattaya City

จุดชมวิววัดจิตตภาวัน เมืองพัทยา

Pattaya is a popular tourist destination for many foreigners. Who like to visit this city And there is another place “Chittapa Wan Temple”, which Thai people prefer to make a ceremony for the ancestors and bring the bones to float Tuesday in the sea together. And with this place in the evening, the air will be very good, quiet, tourists will come to take pictures of the view ” Chittaphawan Temple ” in the evening with the old temple is a deserted church for a long time and then look magical during the evening to watch the sunset Sun light hits the Chittapa Temple. Deserted church in the sea Is an impressive beautiful image

Getting to travel is a part that can open up a wide world. And learn new things around us and exchange ideas The view of the way of life in various places of this world …

Can come throughout the year No admission fee. 
Location : Pattaya City, Chonburi. 
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