One Day Trip Explore the Andaman Sea Phi Phi Islands by speed boat

ทัวร์หมู่เกาะพีพี อ่าวมาหยาด้วยเรือSPEED BOAT

The charm of the Andaman Sea, with the most beautiful natural sea boat ride in Thailand. For easy travel, very convenient. You can book a Krabi tour for 1 day. Touring the Phi Phi Islands with speed boat. For this trip, there are services Pick-up from the hotel to the pier – with food, drinks, snacks, fruit. Andaman Sea Tour

Phi Phi Don Islands

Where will I go to check in? What are the islands?

The ship sailed into the vast sea. During the route, you will see other ships. Many, both small boats and large ships With this zone is a tourist attraction In addition, see the lifestyle of fishermen groups. Community fishing boats

Speed ​​boat

Note : Take a speed boat to Phi Phi Islands. It takes about 3 hours for both legs to go back.

Location 1 “Bamboo Island” is the first place to visit. The characteristics of this island can be said that the white sandy beach and the clear blue sea. And most of the island is the most beautiful island of Nopparat Beach National Park. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the sea, bamboo island, and then have to take a boat to another island.

Bamboo island

Location 2 “Runtee Bay” for the beach here is very beautiful. And dive spots are very rich coral reefs and beautiful fish species Enjoy diving really. 555 takes about 50 minutes to dive. Must go to each other. The remaining 2 islands that have to go (according to the tour guide)

Rantee Bay

Location 3 “Phi Phi Don Island” is the center of tourists in the Phi Phi Islands. The boat will come to park here for lunch. For noon food as a table set There are about 9-10 food menus. (The food included the tour package that we bought.) After having finished eating, there is a drink. After that, walk in Phi Phi Don Island. Because here there will be a restaurant Clothing store And many other products. There is an ATM service (currency exchange) and Phi Phi Don is a large village community. There are accommodation and boats for surfing the Andaman Sea. According to the service rate of this village community as well And a large port for pick-up tourists

Phi Phi Don

Location 4 “Phi Phi Leh Island” by boat traveling around the island Take a look at the legendary Viking Cave of the sailors who stay overnight at this place during the storm. Multi-colored clown fish> Pailay Bay. Cruise to the sea in a very beautiful emerald green sea. Surrounded by steep limestone cliffs

Lohsama Bay
Pile Bay

For the afternoon The boat also offers fruit, watermelon and pineapple. And throughout the route there are drinking water, service and diving suit (all free)

Note : The moment the ship is stationary Do not sit on the boat because it can make a boat (sea waves). Find activities for yourself, such as going to swim or dive. For anyone starting to feel seasick, inform the staff to help. (Eat fruit to help freshen up because it has a sweet, sweet flavor)

When it is time to return to the port It takes about 1.30 hours.

The boat is parked at the pier at 17.30 hrs.

I recommend booking this tour package. One Day Trip. Explore the Andaman Sea. Phi Phi Islands by speed boat