Top viewpoint, Temple of the Tiger Temple, Krabi Conquer the stairs up to 1,237 steps

สุดยอดจุดชมวิววัดถ่ำเสือกระบี่ พิชิตบันไดขึ้นไป1,237 ขั้น

Nam Fah Pa Khao is our home, “Tiger Cave Temple”, Krabi Province. Is a place Which tourists prefer to visit With Tiger Cave Temple There are many tourist attractions together.

1. Place to pay homage, pay homage, make merit, signify that the temple must have monks and sacred places for Buddhists to pay homage to Andaman Pavilion, pay homage to Phra That, Phra That Chedi, Guan Yin Shrine

Guan Yin Shrine
Phra Chedi

2. Hiking places For tourists, surfing requires hiking. Visit various caves, hundred-year-old big trees, diverse wildlife. And the Buddhist monk’s residence in the middle of the forest, the path to the wonderland, the 79 steps, the pagoda, the trekking route, the hundred-year-old tree, the Buddhist monk’s meditation center, the arch cave in the middle of the forest.

Chedi Phra That
Hundred years old tree
Buddhist monk’s practice yard
The arched cave in the middle of the forest is quiet.
Nature hiking trails

3. Viewpoint, Cave Temple Which requires time and strength of the body to walk up to the highest point And you will get tired when you see the beautiful Krabi city view, the 1237 steps up the stairs to the viewpoint. If our minds fight, how? The ladder route on the way will see monkeys waiting to trap tourists who are going up to the top viewpoint. Be careful of valuables. 
Upon reaching the top, you will see the Buddha image above the view point. Top, cool air Waiting to watch the sunset during the morning-evening hours

Watch out for monkeys too.
Waterfalls that flow from the mountains
Route up the hill

Suggestions for up to the Tiger Cave viewpoint

  • The body must be strong and ready to climb the stairs. Step 1237
  • It takes about 30-50 minutes to stay at the body, each strength. And downward takes 20-40 minutes
  • On the way up, he will have a very naughty monkey. Be careful of valuables as well.
  • Top viewpoint Will not have a bathroom But still has a way Of steps 540 and steps 1060
  • Recommend to prepare 1 bottle of drinking water. At the top of the viewpoint there will be drinking water.
  • The ascending view must go up during the sunrise (06.00 hrs.) Or during the evening. sunset (Up to 16.00 hrs.) The most beautiful view
  • Can travel all year round There is no entrance fee.

Location : Krabi Noi Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000 
Map coordinates :