The Village Farm to Café, a farm style cafe.

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Bus stop for tourists or travelers For the route heading to Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, Sanglaburi, Thong Pha Phum National Park and Pilok Mine, you must visit “The Village Farm to Café”. farm style cafe

Surrounded by views of the green mountains in the foreground is a pond that is decorated with fountains Arranged in a wooden courtyard extending into the pool For living Walk to view the fresh air in full lungs In addition, there was a swaying white meadow next to the vegetable growing house To take pictures and play together in a dreamy way as well

In addition to the atmosphere of the store that is beautifully decorated Close to nature The food and beverage menu is equally as good. By focusing on fusion style food, selecting fresh ingredients in every menu That everyone visiting must be impressed Must come to experience by yourself

The shop is a rectangular gable roof. The greenhouse is similar to the 4 barns next to each other. The shop is spacious, airy and decorated in a modern loft. Gives a warm feeling like sitting at home Each corner is adorned with many cute sundries. Both dried flowers and cactus And appliances that represent barns There are many types of seats. Both the air room zone has both the table type Chair, high chair Arm chair And a small sofa And open-air seating outside, decorated with sky potted gardens Able to clearly see the mountain view

The food menu includes beverages. Desserts and savory dishes, focusing on healthy fusion foods Every dish is delicious. Both the pork rib steak Salmon Zab Salad Steamed Shiitake Mushroom Every dish is beautifully decorated. With fresh vegetables as an appetizing ingredient As for the price, it is considered a very inexpensive price, starting from the first hundred digits, good raw materials, crispy fresh vegetables. Quite a lot Considered worth the food price Importantly, if anyone thinks that eating a famous restaurant, a lot of people may wait for a long time, but not at the Village Farm because the food is very fast, even when traveling during festivals, which are many times more than normal holidays. But the food still serves quickly The staff is also good service, beaming. Accept the matter of the shop management system that is doing very well

The signature dessert of the shop Which saw every order until the table must be ordered according to culture is very cute We call it little turtle candy. The turtle is a soft bread stuffed with cream. Comes with melon ice cream and fresh melon on the green floor, sprinkled with anecdotes, not sure what is called but very tasty The drink ordered Melon Lemon, which is also a signature beverage. It tastes good.

From the shop, can take a walk to enjoy the view. Through the gift shop And the bamboo tunnel on the side stretching beautifully To the pool with a viewing balcony and a fountain in the middle. Giving a very natural feeling

Opening hours: Every Monday-Friday from 10:30 am – 9:00 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

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