The view point of the Samet Nang Chan view of the sun rise amid the large limestone mountains of Phang Nga Bay.


A new perspective in Phang Nga province is becoming a popular tourist destination. “Samed Nang Chan View Point” which is not far from Phuket Along the way, travel to Koh Samet, Nang Phai. You will pass through the beautiful path along with the lush green forest. And upon arrival There will be a car leading you up to the viewpoint with a high floor. Is a red clay and rocky mountains quite dangerous Recommend to use the car of the villagers will be better than the rate of 60 baht or can walk up to you for a strong distance of 800 kilometers.

When coming up to see a 180 degree view, beautiful scenery, fresh air, cool atmosphere, quiet, looking east, limestone cliffs and islands in Phang Nga Bay. People come to the tent to see the sun rising over the bay. Look at the stars in the evening when the sky is open and there is no cloud. Can tell that you will be impressed And beautiful views through your eyes. 
Beautiful viewpoint of Phang Nga Bay from Samed Nang Chee.

Samed Nang Chi is a viewpoint that can watch the sun rise amidst Little limestone mountains of Phang Nga Bay And at night saw the stars full of the sky Some nights we can see the Milky Way too. Is the perfect spot to take photos, collect the atmosphere and experience the warm and quiet nature

The legend of the name Samet Nang Chee Told that a nun lived in this area And have to walk through the canal When the nuns walked through, they had to “cloth” which means “roll or fold up” to get out of the water level. Otherwise the fabric will be wet

Can travel all year round: the most popular period during October-March every year, watch the sunrise and sunset in the morning

Admission fee The viewpoint location is personal (private)

  • Thai people, price 30 baht (free for children)
  • Foreigners 50 baht (free for children)
  • There is a bathroom on the top.
  • There is a restaurant, drink and service.
  • With accommodation and dance services

Can rent tents and overnight to photograph Phang Nga Bay under the stars at night and watch the morning sunrise (200 baht per tent and 450 baht tents with breakfast) 
Location : Khlong Khian District, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga 82130 
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