Tham Khao Bin, the wonderful beauty of stalactites and stalagmites

ถ้ำเขาบิน มหัศจรรย์ความสวยงาม ของหินงอก หินย้อย

The wonderful beauty of Tham Khao Bin In the middle of a valley in the midst of nature Which has an area of ​​about 5 rai. Inside the cave is illuminated with electricity shining against the stalagmites. Stalactites in the cave Therefore makes it more beautiful

Tham Khao Bin has a peak at approximately 272 meters above sea level. The mouth of the cave is 10 meters above the ground. The cave entrance has been developed to be a flat land line about 50 meters from the entrance of the cave. There are two separate intersections. The left is the entrance to the bottom of the cave, a depth of 300 meters, the right is an indirect way, according to the structure of the ridge to the bottom of the cave about 200 meters deep.

With beautiful light all the way It takes about 30-45 minutes to walk and there is a small mineral spring, which the locals believe is a holy pool. The cave is divided into 8 rooms, each room named after the stalactites and stalagmites as follows

  1. Guest hall
  2. Shiva
  3. Than Anodat
  4. National Treasure
  5. Divine Council
  6. Kinnorn Tassana or Kinnaree Tassana
  7. Pruksa Himaphan
  8. Gods of God
Mineral water pond but cannot drink


  • Some people may have difficulty breathing for some because the cave is hot and humid.
  • Bring a dry cloth and a small towel

Khao Bin Cave features

  • See beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.
  • There are new stalactites occurring all the time.
  • The first cave with light in Thailand
  • The rocky form resembles an anchor for worship and blessing.
  • There is a sacred pond inside the cave. It is believed that this well can cure diseases.

Open daily from 08.00-16.00 hrs. 
Admission : Adults 20 baht / Children 10 baht.

Facilities : Tourist residences, restaurants, local goods stores, playgrounds, basketball courts, restrooms, Girl Scout Campfire

Travel : recommend traveling by private car, departing from Ratchaburi city. Follow Highway 3087 Ratchaburi – Chom Bueng Line The distance from the province is about 20 km. There are clear signs to the Khao Bin Cave throughout the journey. And from the entrance sign, travel for another 1.5 km. Convenient asphalt road until Khao Bin Cave

Location : Village No. 11, Hin Kong Sub-district, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province, on Ratchaburi-Chom Bueng Road, about 20 kilometers from the province, Tel. 032-391397, 032-391738, 032-240261. 
Coordinate map : https: // goo .gl / maps / YCzbS6yz6juk4fgD7