Tha Pai Hot Spring., Onsen in Mae Hong Son Province., Thailand.

โป่งน้ำร้อนท่าปาย แม่ฮ่องสอน

Tha Pai Hot Springs Is a natural hot spring among mountains and forests Is part of Huai Nam Dang National Park Near Pai town There is hot water flowing through wide areas. There are two big ponds. An outdoor pond can be immersed There are many water spots. The temperature at the origin of the heat is about 80 – 100 degrees Celsius. And the temperature gradually decreases according to the distance of foreign tourists Especially European and Chinese popular soak

Pai Pai Hot Springs … Secret from the geothermal Will come to soak in the hot springs Onsen in Thailand or to make boiled eggs, chill, soak in the body for health. Bright skin To cleanse the toxins in the body With the natural atmosphere around From the parking lot, walk in for about 3-5 minutes. You will find an outdoor pond. The more you walk, the deeper The water temperature will heat up.

Discovery of Tha Pai Hot Springs 
Discovered by villagers who came to make livestock and dig mines in World War II. This area is the residence of Japanese soldiers. And when the war ended, the Japanese troops were withdrawn, the teachers and students of Tha Pai Wittayakan School Together with the villagers Have come to develop the area to be a natural learning resource Within the area allowed to set up a tent for camping There is a restaurant, service center. But without any facilities

Open : Every day from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, 
traffic >>> Thai people 50 baht, children 20 baht, cars 30 baht 
, foreigners 300 baht

Tha Pai Hot Springs Is part of Huai Nam Dang National Park One-time admission fee Can visit 3 places in 1 day

  1. Tha Pai Hot Springs
  2. Huai Nam Dang National Park (View point of the sea of ​​mist)
  3. Boiling hot springs

Traveling by 
car : From Pai district, take Highway No. 1095 (Pai – Mae Malai) across the Pai River Bridge for about 550 meters. You will see the sign “Pong Nam Ron Tha Pai” on the left hand side. Turn left for another 1.5 kilometers. Whole line 
Location : Pong Nam Ron Tha Pai Rd, Mae Hi Subdistrict, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130 
Map coordinates :