Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) and the Grand Palace

Phra Kaew Ratchawang Temple, the heart of Bangkok Metropolitan

Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace.
Once of the trip, visit Phra Kaew Temple Ratchawang, the heart of Bangkok Metropolitan Is the most beautiful temple in Thailand And is enshrined the Emerald Buddha Summer style Carved from soft jade Is an art before Chiang Saen Allowing people around the world to come and watch and pray for blessings To be a blessing

Wat Phra Kaew.
Travel to visit Phra Kaew Temple. Will have 2 entrance doors That can be accessed The first door is located at Silpakorn University. Na Phra Lan Road “Wiset Chai Si Gate” and the second door will be opposite the Ministry of Interior, Sanam Chai Road, “Sawasdee Gate”

The Grand Palace door has 12 main doors with names being set up. And each name is important, meaning it has a lot of fire names Starting from the Viman Thewet gate, which is directly at Tha Chang. Chase clockwise, sorted by name 1. Vimarn Thewet 2. Wiset Chaisri 3. Manee Nopparat 4. Swasdi Sopha 5. Teewa Phitak 6. Sak Chaisit 7. Fine Engineering 8. Anongkarak 9. Phithak Bovorn 10. Sunthorn Thana 11. Deva Phirom 12. Udom Sudarak When meeting, friends can tell which door to meet.

The first place that is not missed at all must come to check in before entering the magic gate. And will be able to see the courtyard in front of Sala Hathai Association We will be able to see the viewpoint like the current US coin used. The background is the roof of the temple on the right. And in the middle is the Sri Rattana Chedi Phra Maha MD This corner is a public corner of tourists, must come to take pictures. Before going to meet the real thing inside

Phra Si Rattana Chedi 
For Thai people entering through the gate to visit the palace and Phra Kaew temple (entrance fee is free) but for foreigners will pay an entrance fee of 500 baht / person. Can book a package tour of the heart and the origin of Bangkok temple tour (Private Tour )

Entrance to the palace 
When entering the interior, he will see the art of karma at various points. That tells the various rails 
The mind of the wall tells the story of “Ramayana” and the giant guarding the door on all sides of the temple. Go to see if each of the giant’s bases has a name saying that the giant has a name.

The location of Phra Sri Rattana Chedi Yai Yai, gold color 
Valuable art from Thai craft that has been created With a unique beauty

Angkor Wat,
“Nakorn Wat Chim Phum”, Angkor Wat, is the largest name of the stone temple in Cambodia. And is best preserved Until being regarded as a miracle of the world, originally named Watsuathep Castle Later, when the city of Phra Nakhon Metropolitan of Khmer Many great ancient times have been abandoned.

Getting to Wat Phra Kaew is not difficult. Can search from Google Maps now, easily access different places

Can check the time of the visit at https://www.royalgrandpalace.th/th/home