Taling Chan Floating Market in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.


New choice for tourists who like to go to the floating market. The ultimate in enjoying a variety of food menus. Must come to Talingchan Floating Market. Travel with Rewards Life Suggest that you have to come With the highlight of the floating market, it is a long tail boat ride. Cruise along the canal Watching the way of life of the community along this canal

And will experience the vast floating market For selling a variety of food, drinks, Thai desserts, fresh fruits from the garden, fresh vegetables of the villagers that have been planted for sale at a cheap price, and the favorite menu is burnt tilapia and burnt seafood with seafood sauce Cool, good compatibility, most delicious

In addition, there are activities to be included in the floating market as well, such as providing fish food, gathering folk music of the community that has organized this activity, entering Wat Wai Phra, making merit, adding fate to the moon.

In addition, there are local products, OTOP products, various handicraft products. Bought as a souvenir Please remember.

Taling Chan Floating Market is a popular place for foreign tourists. Who visit and revolve throughout the year There are both private trips and groups or families.

For traveling to the Talingchan Floating Market Taling Chan Floating Market Located in the center of the Thonburi side zone

Open Saturday – Sunday And holidays Time 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (free of charge) 
Location : 111 Taling Chan Temple, Chak Phra Road, Khlong Chak Phra Sub-district, Taling Chan District, Bangkok 10170 
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/M1mNc7MDmzonuz5U8