Rajanaddaram Temple Worawihan Visited the only metal castle in the world

Rajanaddaram Temple Worawihan Visited the only metal castle in the world

Rajanaddaram Temple Worawihan See the only metal castle in the world. And visit the beautiful architecture within the temple and temple That reflects the unique beauty of Rattanakosin

Rajanaddaram Temple Worawihan Is the royal monastery of the third class, type Worawihan, King Rama III, in the reign of King Rama III. To honor her grandchildren Lord Somdej Wattanawadee The only royal minister who established as her nephew the Lord Buddha was later established as Somdet Sommanatana Wattanawadee Borom Akarathewi The first Empress Empress in the King

Rajanaddaram Temple Worawihan Therefore is a temple that has a significant meaning to the King of Rattanakosin There is also a unique sanctuary that is “Metal Castle”, another important Buddha image, the symbol of Rattanakosin. It is also the anchor of the Buddhist spirit for a long time.

  1. Metal Castle: Heritage of Faith of Buddhism

At present, Prasat Metal, Rajanaddaram Temple, Worawihan Is the only remaining metal castle in the world The first built in India And the second built in Sri Lanka And both of them have deteriorated over time By His Majesty King Nang Klao, head of the reign of King Rama III Established Rajanaddaram Worawihan Temple By letting the metal architect design the castle according to the metal characteristics of the second castle In order to hope to be a beautiful architecture by the era According to Thai art form Which reflects the strong faith of His Highness towards Buddhism

Consists of Thai architectural style, a 3-storey castle with 37 peaks, meaning the Phakkhaphat (Dhamma is intellectual Will notice that the center of the building will have a spiral staircase There will be a large log that is attached to the mother’s staircase. There are 7 floors, including

the 1st floor, the legendary exhibition of metal castles

Is a place for exhibitions of knowledge about the myths and history of the history of metal castles from the past to the present Through the presentation of the touch video system And animation system

In addition, the surrounding area of ​​the exhibition area Also arranged a meditation chair For those who want to meditate and practice meditation In order to find peace in the mind as well . 2nd floor balcony

When walking up to the second floor, used as a place for the general public who are interested in studying Buddhism principles. By seeing the Dharma bookcase for service Including the proverbial signs, proverbs, and dharma as a reminder as well . 3rd floor walked in the floor. This floor has been designed as a place for walking. Both for monks, novices and the general public Including the exhibition of the meaning and means of walking in the right way . 4th floor, meditation. This floor has been designed to be a quiet place for meditation, meditation, and exhibits explaining the knowledge of methods. Practice meditation For both monks and novices and general public , 5th floor, watch the top of the castle.

This floor is the most obvious view of the metal castle. Including exhibits explaining the knowledge, characteristics and mental state of the four great monks, including monks, shrines, Buddha images, monks and monks. The 6th floor offers 360-degree views.

Is one of the most beautiful views of Rattanakosin Island You will see views of nearby attractions such as Golden Mount, Wat Arun, Ratcharawararam. Wat Suthat Thep Wararam The Grand Palace etc. , 7th floor, pay homage to the relics

This floor is enshrined at the Buddha’s relics. By being able to give to the general public and those who have faith in worship
(*** Tourists can visit the metal castle every day from 09.00-17.00 hrs.) 2. Watch the architecture of Rajanaddaram Worawihan: Rattanakosin Twin Buddha Statue – Buddhist temple

Beautiful with architecture, the building of the building, the lid of the 4 sides surrounding the temple, surrounded by eight colored arches The windows are double-gilded, each with a beautiful image of a Hindu-Hindu god.

Inside the enshrined “Buddha’s Thetmotamun” Buddha statue When King Phra Nang Klao, head of the 3rd Reign, mined at Chanthuek District Nakhon Ratchasima Therefore graciously Casting Buddha statue And enshrined at Rajanaddaram Temple, Worawihan

Murals in the temple behind the Buddha image Is a Buddha image of the Lord Buddha coming down from Dao Daeng To show the sermon please Buddhist mothers Which is different from other temples that are often written in the history of Buddhism at the time The side wall of the temple Is a paradise With elements in the sky (Various star groups) The sun and the moon, along with the angels are flying in groups. – The temple is a large high-rise building. Gable, gilded Adorned with a pattern of glass flowers Within the enshrined Phra Chutitham Naresap Buddha statue in the Gulf of Thailand Doors and windows of the temple window Decorated with a gilded stucco courtyard decorated with beautiful patterns – Rajanaddaram Temple, Worawihan Wall

Rajanaddaram Temple, Worawihan Wall is the outer wall and inner wall The outer wall looks like a city wall. In front of the temple will create a large pavilion Masonry in Thai style The appearance of architecture shows a strong fortress. Facing the city wall and the Mahakan Fort next to it Each pillar on the wall is large, with a square bar supporting the roof. Get in the architecture of a large, stately temple.

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opening hours are open daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. 
Visit the free temple. There is a donation box at the entrance of Loha Prasat where you can donate 20 baht or more. 
Location : 2 Mahachai Road Bowon Niwet Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200 
Map coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/spLPUHCD813nojJg9