Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan Rattanakosin couple

Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan Rattanakosin couple

Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan Or known as “Rajabophit Temple” is a royal monastery The type of the royal palace is the temple that the King created according to the ancient tradition. Which has a Maha siam, which is a stone pillar carved into the top of the parapet, Thammaakham 8 pillars, set in color at the 8-direction wall

This temple is considered the last monastery that has been built for the reign of King Rama V, and is also the temple of King Rama VII, as well as King Rama VII. But received the burden of preserving And graciously For restoration of Rajabophit temple Which is the temple of his father, the reign of King Rama V, as if it were a temple of his reign as well

Originally the temple area was the palace of Her Royal Highness, Krom Luang Bintornpaisan Sophon, before 2412 BC King Rama V, ordered to build a temple By creating 2 replicas of Wat Phra Pathom Chedi and Ratchapradit Sathit Mahasimaram Temple Which is the temple of the reign of King Rama IV Completed in 1870

For any person who is a merit that likes to make merit into the temple or like to visit temples with authentic Thai architecture and beautiful. Suggest another place Is “Rajabophit Temple, Suthep Mahasamaram Ratchaworawihan” within Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Mahasamaram Ratchaworawihan There are beautiful decorative arts such as doors and windows of the temple. With Thai pattern, decorated with pearl Is a very beautiful and enchanting seal image. Benjarong tiles Both the temple, the temple, the pagoda and the glass terrace All decorated with benjarong glazed tiles Which every sheet is written by hand Including the design of various size tiles, astonishingly, regardless of the pagoda, the porch, the temple which has a delicate shape But everything is perfect 
Also, Ratchabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan Is also the residence of Somdej Phra Ariyawongsakantayan Patriarch Revelation His Majesty the King, the 20th Patriarch of Rattanakosin

Royal Cemetery, Ratchabophit Temple, Sathit Mahasamaram Ratchaworawihan

For “Royal Tomb”, Ratchabophit Temple, Sathikan Maharamaram Ratchaworawihan Located outside the Mahasima area of ​​the temple. West side Adjacent to Atsadang Road Along the old moat canal Originally there was a 4-acre area later than in the reign of government. The Governor and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have cut the Atsadang road. Which consumes some royal tombs Until the present, the royal tomb is only 2 rai and half

In the reign of King Rama V, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was graciously pleased to create “Royal Tomb” in Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan. In order to contain the bones (bones) and the physiological (ash bones) as well together After having passed away As well as the royal family created during the latter 
The monument at this royal tomb is made of pagoda, pagoda and European art building. In the garden Which has many Frangipani trees and shrubs planted beautifully And the important monument is 4 golden pagodas, arranged from north to south

The opening hours of
the temple will be open for a period of time. On weekdays, the opening hours of the monks are 9.00-10.00 hrs. And 17.00-18.00 hrs. The holy days and the new year are open to pay respect to the monks from 08.00-13.30 hrs. Important ceremonies, such as ordination or the consecration of His Majesty the King, etc. 
Rajabophit temple, Sathiam Maharamaram Ratchaworawihan Located on Fueng Nakorn Road Next to the Ministry of Interior You can park the car on the road beside the temple if there is space. Will find difficult parking locations. 
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