Pong Kao Hot Springs, Chiang Mai

Pongkwao Hot Spring., Chiang mai

If talking about the hot spring onsen then Everyone wants to soak for some relaxation, right? Which the current onsen does not have to travel to Japan With Thailand, there are places to soak in hot springs. Many places at one place So I recommend to soak. “Pong Kao Hot Springs”, a hot spring in the midst of nature With mountains surrounded There is a clear water flowing stream. Shady atmosphere In the morning there will be some fog on the mountain scenery. Lush fertility of the forest or will come 1 day Chiang Mai tour isalso available.

“Pong Kao Hot Spring” is a place where many people come to use hot spring baths. Can be considered as one of the most wonderful resting places. With a private hot spring bath, family or group With shower room There is a set for changing into a hot spring bath with towels. Both men and women And have storage lockers And around the view area of ​​the hot spring, look clean Arrange a beautiful place to relax in nature With comfort

There is also a Thai massage service. Ruan Ratchanee Herbal Compress Ruen Korn Kaew Thai Massage Which will relax the body again Can contact the staff when using the service Can tell it here For relaxation, recharging, refreshing the body

For “Pong Kao Hot Springs”, there is also a service to stay. For those who want to stay overnight Feel the full nature Room rates are affordable. Price 1,500 baht per room / night (can sleep 2-3 people) and dance services for people who like to dance, sleep closer to nature. Price 260 baht / night.

Advantages and benefits to the body Hot spring baths help in treating pain and illness. Including people with skin diseases, diabetes, migraines, sleeping, not sleeping It also helps to take care of the skin to look fresh when the hot spring is soaked regularly.

Hot springs contain minerals and compounds in the water. With different alkalinity or acidity levels Can be measured by pH or pH value In Thailand, there are 4 types of hot springs divided by chemical composition (Wanapa Chaaraj, 2003).

1. General hot springs Is a hot spring with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, containing carbon minerals Salt and other minerals less than 1 gram / liter are mostly hot springs in Thailand. 
2. Carbonate hot springs Is a hot spring with a relatively low temperature or a cold spring consisting of carbon and other minerals less than 1 gram / liter, similar to general hot springs But has a higher carbonate content 
3. Saltwater hot springs Is a hot spring that contains more chemicals than general hot springs There are more than 1 gram / liter of minerals. In the case of water containing salts between 1-5 grams / liter, called soft salts (Weak Saline) containing salt between 5-10 grams / liter is called salt springs. And contains more than 10 g / l of salt, known as strong saline springs. It has good heat retention properties.
4. Alkali hot spring Is the classification of hot springs by using the pH value of the hot springs primarily Hot springs with pH 7.5-8.5, called Weak Alkaline Springs and hot springs with pH above 8.5, called Alkaline Springs

Recommended for hot springs

  • Drink enough water before soaking in the hot spring to prevent dehydration.
  • Clean the body thoroughly before soaking so as not to make the hot spring water cover.
  • Soak in the pond, release the body comfortably. According to the appropriate time, about 15-30 minutes, or if the body does not adjust to the heat, then gradually down and soak for 5 Minutes and then come up to stay on top for a while and then go down again Switch this way until the body can adjust.
  • Use skin care products after coming up from the hot spring bath. Which will nourish your skin

Traveling from Chiang Mai city to Pong Kao Hot Springs The distance is about 54 kilometers. It takes 1.30 hours. On the way is a curve of the mountain. If traveling with a private car, be careful with driving. Gently drive for safety (It is not recommended to travel during the night. If it is a route that has never been driven) can use Google Maps. Navigation is very convenient.

Service rate Soaking hot springs, hot springs

  • For Thai adults, 80 baht / child, 40 baht (free for house tenants and camping ground)
  • For foreigners, adults 150 baht / child 100 baht (free for tenants and camping ground)
  • Open daily 08.30-17.30 hrs.

Pong Kao Hot Spring is located at: No. 1, Moo 3, Ban Pong Kao Village Samoeng Nuea Subdistrict, Samoeng District, Chiang Mai Province. Ask for information before traveling 086-0123771. 
Map coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/JpEe3ZWxSqFYpUs77