PK06-Similan Island Tour | SPEED BOAT

PK06-Similan Island Tour | SPEED BOAT
Similan Islands Tour Travel by speed boat to the island. Stop by to dive and see the beauty of the sea. Departure to the next bay or Miang Island and explore the beauty of the island. Continue to travel visit Batu Island or the island.

05.40 – 06.00: Pick you up from the hotel Travel to Thap Lamu Pier, Phang Nga Province (pick up time depends on the location of your hotel) 
08.30: Arrive Thap Lamu Pier 
09.00 – 09.30: Departure from the pier travel by speed boat Heading to the Similan Islands
10.20 – 10.50: The first diving spot, see the beauty of the sea See fish and colorful corals (depending on the weather each day) 
11.45: Arrive at Island 4 (Miang Island) where you can snorkel or swim in Princess Beach (Princess Beach ) 

12.00: Eating a buffet lunch of the park on the island 4 
13.00: Departing from the island 4 for the afternoon, snorkeling, the second point at the island of Ban Ngu (9 islands) at Christmas Point. Light of a shallow diver with a patch an amazing nest to see and a variety of colorful fishes. 
14.15: Arrive at Donald Duck Bay of Similan Island (Koh 8) where you can relax on the beach. Water photography or climbing the viewpoint on the sailboat, the symbol of the Similan Islands.
14.30: Symbol of “Similan Sea” at Island 8 (Similan Island) or choose to relax play in the beautiful Gulf of Kochi. 
15.30: Depart from Similan Islands (Koh 8) to return to the pier 
16.50: Return to Thap Lamu Pier.

The tour program can be changed as appropriate depending on the weather and sea level.