PK02-Day Khai Island Tour | SPEED BOAT

PK02-Day Khai Island Tour | SPEED BOAT
08.20 – 08.30: Pick up from the hotel, travel to the jetty (Reception time depends on the location of the hotel where you are). 
10.00: Depart from the pier. Travel by speed boat Heading to Khai Nui Island 
10.30: Arrive at Khai Nui Island, swim, snorkel and watch the coral reefs 
11.15: Depart to Khai Nok Island for a relaxing swim. 
12.30: Lunch at Khai Island on 
13.30: Go to Koh Khai Nok, play with water, relax in front of the beach at leisure. 
16.30: Depart from Khai Nok Island. Head back to the pier. 
17.30: Arrive at the pier.