PK01-Phi Phi Island Tour By ferry

Trip details 
PK01-Phi Phi Island Tour By Ferry | Ferry Boat
07.15: Pick up from the hotel. Travel to the jetty (Reception time depends on the location of your hotel) 
08.00: Check-in at the pier. 
08.30: Inside the boat, there are tea, coffee, snacks, and drinks. 
10.00: Send customers who do not do coral reef diving programs at Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Don Island 
10.30: (Sightseeing) The outside area is through Loh Sama Bay, Pailay Bay, and Viking Cave. 
11.00: Bring tourists with Snorkeling program at Monkey Island, Phi Phi Don Island 
12.30:. Return to Tonsai Pier. Phi Phi Don brought tourists from the boat to lunch at the hotel restaurant. 
After that, tourists can relax at leisure.
14.10: Return to Tonsai Pier. 
14.30: Boat from Ton Sai Pier Phi Phi Don Island return Phuket, 
16.00: To the pier