Piya Mitr tunnel, the history of Betong seamlessly in Dan Malaysia


This trip is very long for me. Come to visit Betong, Yala province Which has many attractions and charming charm And there is a place where history cannot be missed Must visit “Piyamit tunnel” is a trace of the battle of Communist Malaya. That has been used as a base for air defense operations And accumulate supplies by the base of this battle Located on a hill covered with forest along the Thai and Malaysian border in Yala province.

View in front of the entrance
The main entrance to the place
Entrance and entrance fee
Signs for various places To visit
Way up to go to the point of visiting places

In front of the Piyamit tunnel 
“Piyamit Tunnel” was built in 1977, with a length of about 1 kilometer, about 5-6 feet in width, used to dig about 50 people, about 3 months, with 9 entrances and exits.

Gate number 3
Inside the tunnel there is a spot for you to sit and relax.
Obtuse the path inside the tunnel
Underground assembly room

And when walking out of the cave number 1 Will have a sign To walk to see the thousand-year-old tree (Tonsai)

Signpost to watch Ton Sai
Tonsai Point
The path to visit Tonsai
Information of Tonsai 1000 years

Path of Piyamit Tunnel 
Please tell us about the history. In the past, there was a communist group in Malaya. Is an armed force fighting with the Malaysian government Then got the debt to hide in the Thai-Malaysia border Location in the San Kalakiri Mountains, Betong District, Yala Province. Subsequently, the forces surrendered and joined the Thai national development. And then received the allocation of arable land Promote a career to make ten thousand blooms Planting winter crops for sale Partly came to make a tunnel as a tourist attraction – to make a restaurant

Image data showing the charcoal kiln characteristics
Charcoal furnace
Temporary Boiler
Tunnel map

Temporary boiling furnace and tunnel map 
Between the path that went in Still very rich in nature And have made a bamboo tube to send water from the stream to the village and restaurant as well

History Museum of Alliances
Items used during the war
War weapons in those days
Shrine Is a holy place

Nearby attractions

  • The sea of ​​Ayer Weng
  • Winter flower garden
  • Piyamit tunnel
  • South Siam
  • Ton Sompong, the largest in the south
  • Phutthathiwas Temple
  • The largest Chinese language teaching school Jong Khae Foundation School
  • New Women’s Art Land, Soi Praphan Pharmacy
  • Ban Mae Bon Hot Spring Community
  • Thai-Malay border checkpoint
  • The world’s largest postbox
  • Gateway to Betong
  • Phra That Chedi Phra Phutthatham declared Phutthathiwas Temple
  • Betong City Museum
  • Betong Mongkhonrit tunnel

Open to visit every day at 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Admission to
Thai adults, 40 baht, 10 baht children 
, foreigners, adults 60 baht, children 25 baht

Location : Tano Maey Subdistrict, Betong District, Yala 95110 
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/cDNAA9j5B6fFdXb89