Nang Yai Shadow Play at Wat Khanon

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Tourism in Ratchaburi Visit the Nang Yai Historical Site “Wat Khanon,Nang Yai Museum” that has inherited and preserves advanced performing arts since ancient times. And is still a valuable Thai cultural treasure

Khanon Temple
Chalerm Rat Nang Yai Cultural Center, Khanon Temple

” Nang Yai, Khanon Temple ” is regarded as one of the 6 outstanding communities in the world for the work of conservation, restoration and abstract cultural heritage. And receiving awards from the UNESCO organization. In addition, every year Will be a large movie festival at Khanon Temple Between the date 13 – 14 April, time 07.00-20.00 hrs.

Within Khanom temple When entering the temple, there are many entry points. There are 18 places that can be visited and learn about the history. Taking beautiful pictures With pleasure

Map of places to visit

1. Ambush the door of Khanom Temple 
2. Ubosot 
3. Sala Panapon 
4. Bamban Boon Pavilion 
5. Nang Yai Cinema Theater, Khanom Temple 
6. Chalermrat Culture / Monk Cultural Center 
7. Lan UNESCO 
8. The sermon hall 
9. Nang Yai Leather Museum 
10. Khanom Temple 10. Thai Pavilion 
11. Ancient Bell Tower 
12. Luang Pu Klom Monument 
13. Archway 
14. junk ship model 
15. Dan Khanom Market 
16. Tha Sala Pier 
17. Lan Khi Fa 
18. Art and Culture Yard : There is a large movie exhibit at Khanon Temple for the general public and tourists to see once every Saturday and Sunday once a day. There is a large movie theater at Wat Khanon. Visitors can enter without charge.

Cultural arts courtyard
Cultural arts courtyard

When the former ” Silpa Nang Yai Yai ” was regarded as an advanced performing art With a large movie show since the Ayutthaya period Until the early Rattanakosin period

Nang Yai Leather Museum, Khanom Temple
Nang Yai Leather Museum, Khanom Temple

” Nang Yai , Khanon Temple  ” was built during the reign of King Rama 5. The origin of the carving is Provost Sattasunthorn (Reverend Grandfather Lom). He has the idea to make a larger movie to be larger than before. In which the first set was created Hanuman offering ring set Later, another 9 sets were built. Currently there are 313 leather items stored in the Wat Khanon Museum. Is a national treasure that Khanon temple has inherited

Khanom Market

travel :

  • By car: Take the highway no. 4 (Petchkasem Road) passing Nakhon Pathom to Ban Pong district. Ratchaburi From there, turn right at the intersection of Bang Phae District and follow Highway 3090 into Photharam District. Cross the Mae Klong river bridge Then turn right along the highway no. 3089 for about 3 kilometers. Khanon temple is located on the right.
  • Bus: There are vans and air-conditioned buses of Photharam Tour Co., Ltd. departing from the Southern Bus Terminal daily from 6.30-19.30 hrs. Fares are 60 baht. For more information, please call 0-2435-5036.

Opening Hours : Daily from 8.00-17.30 hrs. (Opening the big movie performance at the Nang Yai Theater every Saturday starting 10.00 hrs.) 
Festival : Nang Yai Wat Khanon Festival Every day 13-14 April of each year. 
Admission : free. 
Parking place : spacious. 
Facilities : bathroom, coffee shop.

Location : Nang Yai Museum, Khanon Temple, Soi Fa Sub-district, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province 70120 
Coordinate Map :