KB08: Koh Rok-Koh Ha

Program Details

07.00: Pick up from various hotels Island pier 
08.00: departure towards the sea 
10.00: Arrive at Koh Rok – the clear turquoise sea – and relax in the private atmosphere or you can choose to dive at the abundant shallow dive sites with a hard coral reef forming a large high wall under the sea with ton of fish species. Hundreds of thousands of people will come to swim, show beautiful colors for everyone to see.
12.00: It’s time to enjoy a wide range of services with buffet food, snacks and fruit juices on the beach on Koh Rok Nok. Experience the natural scent nature tour the island area is full of hermit crabs. 
14.00: Travel from Koh Rok Nok to Koh Ha 
14.20: Arrive at Koh Ha. Shallow dive spots with colorful coral reefs Packed with perfection and a wide variety of natural fish species with some unique like pufferfish, giant clams, and bluefish, dive lovers will not be disappointed. 
15.15 hrs. Depart from Koh Ha to return to the pier. 
17.00 hrs. Arrive at the pier safely and board the van back to the hotel.