If you want to see the big giant, go to Temple of the Emerald Buddha.


For the tourist of the temple in the heart of Bangkok Must not miss to see the big giant and have the most in Thailand. At Phra Kaew Temple or the Emerald Buddha Temple Our precious temple Is the most giant temple in Thailand! Up to 12 people who keep the door Or various fistula

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Phra Kaew Temple or the Emerald Buddha Temple Is enshrined Mahanee Rattana Patimakorn Buddha Or the Emerald Buddha Summer style Carved from soft jade Is an art before Chiang Saen Allowing people around the world to come and watch and pray for blessings To be a blessing King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Great World, King Rama I, rebuilt in 2325, is a temple in the Grand Palace. Which is currently a temple and is an important tourist attraction in Thailand

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

All 12 giants who stood guarding the door or the fistula In Wat Phra Kaew All of them are the king of giants. And Rama’s opponent Which these giants built during the reign of King Rama III (Arunratchawararam Temple)

Travel Thailand.Wat Arun Ratchawararam
Giant Temple (Wat Arun, Ratchawararam)

Come to know the 12 giants in Phra Kaew Temple or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

  • Giant 1: Thotsakan (Green
  • Giant 2: Sahasadech (green body) occupying Pang Tan
  • Giant No. 3: Maiyapra (Light Purple Body) occupies the groundwater.
  • Giant 4: Wirun Chumpai (body of green laced black) is the son of Phaya To. Occupy the city of inscriptions
  • Giant No. 5: Suriyaphop (red body) is the son of Comrade Tosan Keeping in front of Phra Thepthidon
  • Giant 6: Indrachit (green body) is the son of Tosakan and Mrs. Monta. Keeping in front of Phra Thepthidon
  • Giant No. 7: Dragon Ganan (Light Green Body) is the son of Phaya Khor. Occupy Rome On the front of the temple
  • Giant No. 8: Wiranudh (Sky-colored or dark blue) occupying the city of the great city On the front of the temple
  • Giant No. 9: Thotsakiri Thorn (Guy Brown) is a giant twins. The child of Tosakan and her two giant elephants have a small nose tip.
  • Giant 10: Thatsakiri Wan (green body) is a giant twins. The child of Tosakan and her two giant elephants have a small nose tip.
  • Giant 11: Empire (Guy White) is a close friend to Tosakan. Occupy the city of Mali in front of the entrance
  • Giant 12: Asan Kannara (dark purple body) occupies the city of Durum.

The legend tells
the giant Phra Kaew temple that stood holding the bat. Serving to maintain the Emerald Buddha in the church There has never been a story about the six of them. 12 pairs are mature giants. There is a divine class There are stories In the legend of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

When Naga Sen Thera Preamble will create a Buddha image with Ratana Indra therefore volunteered Ordered the monks to bring the white glass of Mani, which is the glass for the emperor From Mount Wibon Banphot Kaewmanee There are guardians keeping His Majesty the King is not enough. Ogre does not allow 
Indra must exert himself The monk feared that he had a weak attitude. Can he not bargain with the white glass? Asked to take the green mani glass Called Kaew Amornkot to replace Phra Indra. Have already received the green glass Amon Kot Ordered the monk to transform into a mechanic Etch until success Is the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Because Kae Amon Kot used to be in charge of the Ogre When he became a Buddha image Therefore saw that there should be a monk to act as a guardian, when the Emerald Buddha was enshrined in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Thus creating a giant standing lined up facing the temple giant Total has 6 doubles with 
partner 1 Indrajit green body sons Ravana with Suriya world’s red son Thao imperial 
couple 2 Dragon Kanฐs green body sons Paya ¢ Â. With Wirunsayakit, the color of the Lord Buddha 
, is the third ruler Twins and 
Thatsakiri One, pair 4, Viru, the body of the moth, the color of Phraya Toh and Mamraphan Is a 
pair of groundwater serpent 5, Sahasdachai, the white body of the crown of Pang Tan and the green goddess Ravana.
Match 6, the white body of the Empire, occupies the city of Maliwal and Asan Kannara, the purple body that dominates the city.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Read from the legend since the lightning pagoda in Chiang Rai found the Emerald Buddha. You have to move to Lampang to come back to Chiang Mai. To Vientiane Until being invited to Wat Phra Kaew Rattanakosin, you are still in constant … in the church 
Because of the giant serpent The Ruangrithet … Matched six pairs. Hold big baton Standing guard … so no one dares to invite you to move anywhere.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Concluded that the giant serpent in Ramayana That is considered a giant Repent to be a guardian of Buddhism Become a good giant … with a heart, a political charity He was exiled outside the country … But still attracted the power and “big money” that is comparable to “Giant baton” that has been seized is the reason for being attracted Create a story to win the night club. For over ten years

Can check the time of the visit at https://www.royalgrandpalace.th/th/home

Before traveling Should know the road around Phra Kaew Temple And the Grand Palace before, when traveling, will not be confused The road around the four temples in 
the north direction, next to Na Phalan Road – directly to Sanam Luang And Silpakorn University Is the entrance to Phra Kaew Temple, Wiset Chai Si Gate, 
south, next to the end of the road – next to Wat Pho in 
the east, next to Sanam Chai Road – the city pillar court Ministry of Defense, Saranrom 
, West, Maharaj Road – Chaophraya River, Tha Chang, Tha Ratchawadit (No berths)

Royal Palace map

Suggestions (for planning to visit Phra Kaew Temple)

  • For Thai people, can access from 8.30 – 15.30 hrs.
  • Visiting Phra Kaew Temple And the Grand Palace should go in the morning, the sun is not hot, not many people can walk more conveniently than midday afternoon. There are often many foreign tourists
  • Visiting Phra Kaew Temple Popular in the entrance to Wiset Chai Si Gate The main gate on the side of Na Phralan Road By walking in one direction And another way out
  • Should dress politely Do not wear sleeveless sleeveless, see-through waistline, the pants do not wear short legs, three legs, low-waist leggings, wear jeans, but do not wear jeans patch Or cut to cut into streaks If wearing a skirt, it should be a skirt with a knee length.
  • If not dressed properly Can borrow sarong at the counter at Wiset Chai Si Gate (Walking into the door Counter on the right hand side) by placing a deposit or using an ID card When coming out and then redeem it at the same point (the best way is to dress properly. Will not waste time)