HUA TA KHE Old Market, and Luangphaeng market 108 Years, community very charming.

ตลาดเก่าหัวตะเข้และตลาดหลวงแพ่ง ชุมชนโบราณมากเสน่ห์ ย่านลาดกระบัง

Classic old market That still remains in the market Including restaurants and cafes adapted to the era, suggesting the hua ta khe Old Market and Luangphaeng market 108 Years., The ancient community is very charming., Lat Krabang district, Bangkok, many groups of tourists interested to experience the tranquil atmosphere inviting relaxation.

HUA TA KHE Old Market
HUA TA KHE Old Community Located on the edge of Prawet Burirom Canal, intersecting with HUA TA KHE Canal It is an ancient community over a hundred years old. Along the Prawet Burirom Canal, both sides of the canal are lined with old wooden houses. In the reign of Rama V, this community was considered the center of the eastern suburbs of Bangkok.

HUA TA KHE Community This place doesn’t just have antique shops and foodstuff. Is also a source of knowledge With the HUA TA KHE Local Learning Center, Ban Sam Khru, Thai Way Astronomy, Community Health Center And Luang Pho Ban – Thanliam for tourists to visit and learn more

A relaxing day like this. Come visit and experience the classic atmosphere. Community charm The traditional way of life of the people on both sides of the canal. Prawet Buriram Can still feel the warmth There are many food and drinks. The photo corner is excellent. Free and stop by to visit

274 Bed & Brews is a café. And a peaceful and beautiful hostel The owner is Ray McDonald, the beloved traveler The shop is in the waterfront community market. The wind is cool all day. Uncrowded Design wooden house, airy Suitable for people who want to relax a lot Those who have never been Suggesting to come and see. The market should be newly opened. Not a lot of stuff But the atmosphere is good The vendor smiled very well. The past was once a dead market. But is resurrected by the community that has remained since the ancestors Although nowadays the new generation is disappearing but gradually Resurrect Which takes almost 10 years

274 Bed & Brews . Peaceful and beautiful cafes and hostels.
Inside the Cafe 274 Bed & Brews
274 Bed & Brews Reception Desk for Tourists
274 Bed & Brews Look good, classic, simple

Luangphaeng market 108 Years
Old market community, which is really older than 108 years. Small community market is not too big already. Feel retro. There are good noodle shops and coffee shops in a good atmosphere.

DodoBlahblah Cafe

DodoBlahblah Cafe
this cafe is warmly decorated. Small but overall vintage Simple but good looking There are seats in the shop and outside the shop by the canal, can sit and lie comfortably. The shop is adjacent to the house on the waterfront. Communities can take a walk around or across to the opposite side to take a walk to see the products from the community. Check out the Blabla Cafe. Open 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Able to travel every day ( Hua Takhe Old community) suggested that during the weekend there will be many shops open

  • The fresh market will open at 2 – 11 o’clock.
  • Hua Tak Wood Market Open 10:00 -19: 00 hrs.

Recommended trips for 1 day by train travel. Hua Takhe Old Market and Luangphaeng market 108 Years

  • Travel by train from Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) to Khlong Luangphaeng Railway Station. Price 9 baht
  • Take a white minibus from Khlong Luangphaeng Railway Station to the Royal Civil Market for 108 years. Price 8 baht
  • Take a minibus from the 108 year old civil market to Hua Takhe Old Market. Price 8 baht
  • Take the train back from Hua Takae train station to Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong), price 7 baht
  • Include travel fee 2, the old market in Lat Krabang area, only 32 baht per person


  • Train starts from Hua Lamphong Station – get off at Hua Takhe Station Then take a minibus to get down at Soi Lat Krabang 17
  • Airport link to Lat Krabang station Then take a minibus to get down at Soi Lat Krabang 17
  • Travel by car
    Location : Hua Takhe Old Market , Soi Lat Krabang 17, Lat Krabang Sub-district, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok
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