Hot Spring, Raksawarin Park – Ranong Arboretum


Hot spring, Raksawarin Park, a place to relax in nature That people needing health care must come Or those nearby can come regularly Because access to the service is free of any charges Unless soaked in a personal room

In the park, Warin still has clear water streams to play and picnic mats beside beautiful natural streams and shady atmosphere. There are also many beautiful photo angles. Whether it is a corner, suspension bridge, hot spring, chic restaurant Mana … want to come together

Hot spring pond for 40-foot bath with hot springs – Arboretum located in the area of ​​Khao Niwet Sub-district Mueang Ranong, Ranong Province is currently a popular tourist destination for Thai and foreign tourists.

Is a car that is not usable But the familiar restaurant came to park the show to take a picture of the chip.

Hot Spring – Raksawarin Arboretum Located away from Ranong Municipality Follow Highway 4005, 2 kilometers from the town hall to the east. In the year 2433, King Rama VII Went to Ranong Has given the name of the road to the hot spring that “Chonrao Road”

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There are 3 natural hot springs in this natural pond: Father Bo, Mae Bo, and 3 daughter ponds. The temperature is around 65 degrees Celsius. Can be used for drinking and bathing. Beneficial to the body in terms of maintaining health

Khun Toi Kitchen … Popular Restaurant 
In addition, it is considered pure water. Therefore is one source that leads through the Putthaphisek ceremony Make holy water to be used as a Buddha image In addition, nearby areas

Along the water canal for relaxation 
Within the park area There are accommodation pavilions and hot baths for service and hot water bath, spa massage with natural hot mineral water. There is a steam room, steam room and sauna. Including body massage And gym

Hot Spring – Raksawarin Arboretum (Ranong)
Opening Day: Every day, free of charge. 
Opening hours: 10.30 – 19.30

Location : Khao Niwet Subdistrict, Mueang Ranong District, Ranong 
Map coordinates :