Fort Pi View Khao Laem National Park, Kanchanaburi City

จุดชมวิวป้อมปี่ อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาแหลมเมืองกาญจนบุรี

Go to dance The waterfront watching the sunset Do not miss the location of the Fort Pi View. Is a scenic place in Khao Laem National Park Is a spot that has a beautiful view, romantic and is one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the western region. Suitable for relaxing, traveling is not very difficult.

The atmosphere is also quiet in the park area. See the clear water and see the sunshine of the reservoir in the Wachiralongkorn Dam The lush green mountain scenery is a black spot that is far away. Entering the winter or spring season, you will see the white mist in the water, warm and relaxed in the midst of nature.

Fort Pi View Is an area in Khao Laem National Park The mountains that surround the reservoir Located along the reservoir with tranquility, suitable for relaxation. See nature And will see the big branches that emerge from the surface of the water look really natural The origin of the word “Pom Pi” From Karen language (Also here, there will be a flaming kin Later pronounced distorted as a pi fort That use this name to the present

Activities for tourists, most popular, come to spread the tent to watch the atmosphere. Watching the sunset Which the park Organized a tent to cover the area at the grass field along the reservoir In order to fully appreciate the scenery There is a balcony extending into the reservoir with a bench to relax. With full facilities for tourists

There are houses that can be booked from the park’s website in advance. The tent area is a spot where sunset views can be seen. Have clean toilets Bathroom with hot water The reservoir area has a raft for jumping. For tourists who prepare food to do themselves, the park has convenient facilities such as toaster, sink, dishwasher. For people who do not prepare food, they can use the service from the restaurant of the park.

National park fees
– Thai adults, 40 baht, 20 baht children 
– Foreigners, adults 200 baht, 100 baht children 
– 10 baht per bicycle, 20 baht per motorcycle 
– 30 baht per car 
– Tent service fee 30 baht / night Person / night

Contact Khao Laem National Park 
Thong Pha Phum District Kanchanaburi Province 71180 
Tel. 086-131-3443 (Pom Pi) 034-546-819, 034-532-099

– Fort Pi There are restaurants for tourists, open from 8:00 to 19:00, but there may be times when the shop is closed. Visitors may have to prepare food too. Can drive to find food in Sangkhlaburi Which is about 34 kilometers away 
– for those who want to play in the dam If swimming is not hard Wear a life jacket 
– the park is open to the light shines through a particular area. Should bring a flashlight. 
– The park has a tent rental service. Can contact the park staff

Location : Prang Phel Sub-district, Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi 71240 
Map coordinates :


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