Zutongpae Bridge, a bamboo bridge surrounded by lush rice fields

สะพานซูตองเป้ สะพานไม้ไผ่ ท่ามกลางทุ่งนาเขียวชอุ่ม

Travel to Mae Hong Son Province The long path But once gone, will feel warm every time There are many attractions that are interesting. Suggest location Charming wooden bridge Beautiful and a subject with pride of people here A wooden bridge written in the language of Burma The name Sutongpe, which is in Tai Yai language means “Pray Success” because Tai Yai people give importance to making merit. Care for Buddhism Until becoming a force of faith in building this bridge In order to connect between the Teak Kung Village and the Phusama Dharma Park for monks to receive alms The width is 2 meters and 600 meters long. If anyone is visiting, have to hold their breath at the end of the bridge. That request will be successful

A wooden bridge stretching over the green rice fields The sunrise in the morning is foggy and the weather is cool. While the monk Novice is going to beg People sitting and waiting for alms on both sides of the bridge would be a beautiful, rare image. That would like you to experience the natural atmosphere Learn about the culture of the community. And you will fall in love with this place

Experience the atmosphere and participate in the merit-making ceremony at 6.00 am every day, then walk to pay respect to the Tham Phu Phasama Park, the King Parasutong Pae or “Phra Phut Samakkhi Atthasamahajakarapat”

Nearby attractions

  • Red Cliff Cave
  • Pang Ung
  • Love Thai Village
  • Zutongpae Bridge
  • Doi San Fa viewpoint
  • Pha Bong Hot Spring
  • Long neck Karen village
  • Fish cave
  • Mae Surin Waterfall National Park
  • Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu


  • Along Highway 1095, approximately 10 kilometers from Mae Hong Son town

Location : Ban Kung Teak, Pang Mu Subdistrict, Mueang District, Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son,
coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/skZ6PMp5jhw3CB2t9