Wat Somdet Kao Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi

วัดสมเด็จเก่า สังขละบุรี เมืองกาญจนบุรี

This trip of mine didn’t have any goals. With that, I would like to drive to Kanchanaburi. In order to travel continuously Follow the route to Sangkhla Buri District. Then departing from Bangkok at 06.00 hrs. Driving along the route that is pinned by the map Follow the route and stay in the oil pump .. It is the only stop for the car. Because it is convenient to park and the bathroom I drove continuously … to Sangkhla Buri, Mon Bridge, which this attraction Is the place to settle the lives of 3 people, namely Thai Mon and Karen With natural and cultural perfection mixed together perfectly Simple being For this reason, heading to Sangkhla Buri looks very interesting.

Upon arrival, look at the information and look at the accommodation first. Once the accommodation is complete It is a place to go.

Also I am interested in going Somdet Kao Temple Sangkhla Buri District The information is then interesting to visit once.

Boat transfer to Somdet Kao Temple 
Went to the Sangkhla Bridge In order to take a boat that has a pick-up service to Somdej Kao Temple

Way up to the temple 
When the boat arrived at the port I went up the path. In order to go up to the old royal homeland

Around the Bose
with charm Wat Somdet Kao Sangkhla Buri, which is located on a small hill. Opposite the bowels The Ubosot of the Somdej Temple is quite complete with a large banyan tree surrounding the church. But abandoned, looks magical Tourists can take a boat to Wat Somdet (old) after visiting the artesian city.

Flowers for worship 
Traveling to Sangkhlaburi is very easy. Nowadays Can pin the map, target point, destination It’s very convenient.


  • Bangkok route – Kanchanaburi town – Sai Yok Noi district – Sai Yok Yai district – Thong Pha Phum district – Sangkhla Buri district
  • From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Currently, there are a variety of bus services, tour buses, vans, including trains, with the main pick up locations being 
    the Southern Bus Terminal (Taling Chan) with a tour bus, Por. 1 Win, Van 81 and Win Happy Park ( The car runs at the end of town Through Nakhon Pathom Ban Pong District Enter Kanchanaburi town Via Saeng Chuto Road 
    The Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) has a van service bus, which is at the end of Sangkhlaburi and Chedi Sam Ong checkpoint. The car will run the route. Bang Bua Thong Road Go to Kamphaeng Saen District, Phanom Thuan District, go to park at Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal in downtown Kanchanaburi. And continue on the Sangkhlaburi 
    Railway Waterfall Line at Thon Buri Station, directly around Siriraj Hospital At the end of Sai Yok Noi Waterfall Then take the car to Sangkhlaburi

Location : Nong Lu Sub-district, Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi 71240 
Map Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/sJ1feuNHr37qUApp8


Kanchanaburi tourist attractions 🙂