Wat Muen Buddha Metta Khunaram, beautiful view, photography corner, Thai-Chinese style art in Chiang Rai

วัดหมื่นพุทธเมตตาคุณาราม วิวสวย มุมถ่ายรูปศิลปะแบบไทย-จีนทิเบตที่เชียงราย

Path to “Wat Muen Buddha Metta Khunaram” Phra Sri Ariyamettri The largest in the world Which has a lap size of 15 meters wide and 19 meters high. This temple has a quiet atmosphere, cool, shady, surrounded by nature. Located at Ban Pa Rai, Tha Khao Plueak District, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province.

Wat Muen Buddha Metta Khunaram  By laying the foundation stone of the synagogue in honor of Somdej Ya in 1993 and the construction of the Kalasin Pusang Maha Thera Pavilion in 1994 and faithfully built a temple to be a royal charity on the occasion. His Majesty the King celebrated 50 years as a religious school. And teach Chinese as well By focusing on the propagation of Mahayana Buddhism and promoting education for hill tribe people in the northern region

Thammasat Chaloem Phrakiat Somdet Phra Chao Nakarin amulet, 26 meters wide, 64 meters long, 1,664 square meters, is Tibetan-Thai-Chinese art. Completed in the year 2538 is a very beautiful Buddha statue. Which was given the name of Somdej Phraya Sangworn Surrounded by the name “Buddha Metta Khun” carved from marble from the People’s Republic of China. The lap is 2.50 meters wide and 3.50 meters high. It is a Buddha image in Chiang Saen period mixed with Chinese art.

Ketanyoo Hall Memorial Phra Mahachakkhon Chinese Teacher Dharma Meditation (Pho Chang Maha Thera)

The arch and the front wall are 30 meters wide and 12 meters high. It is Chinese style art. Completed in 1997

Hui Ming Jie Tung Dharma Practice Hall, built by Phra Ajahn Hui Thang Chinese monks, 3 stories high, is Thai-Chinese art. Completed in the year 2544 B.E. Avalokitesvara Maha Bodhisattva (Bodhisattva Quan Yin and God 3 regions) and is a place of worship for the Chinese sect. And used as a place of meditation

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Location : Wat Muen Buddha Metta Khunaram , Ban Pa Rai Tha Khao Puek Subdistrict, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province,
coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/TbHMJoiBXoZFFwkF6