Thamel Coffee, Style Shop, Nepal, Chiang Mai

ทาเมล คอฟฟี่ ร้านสไตส์เนปาล เชียงใหม่

Thamel Coffee, Nepal style shop LocationRorot Kad Luang Market, Chiang Mai The shop below is a shop selling Nepal and Indian style. There are many products such as bags, clothes, key chains.

Inside Tamel Coffee shop, 2nd floor
In front of Tamel Coffee, 1st floor

The top of the shop opens as a coffee shop, cake, favorite tea. CHIYA or CHAI Tea (Napali Milk Tea) Signature of our Thamel Coffee smells a little bit of a spice. Has a pleasant smell, feels gentle, not intense.

Inside Tamel Coffee shop, 2nd floor
Napali Milk Tea

Along with the atmosphere of the Nepalese restaurant Like no other With the top of the shop being decorated in a true Nepalese style Atmosphere, let’s say that it’s just beautiful.

2nd floor accessway
The art of painting the beautiful wall.
Lighting decoration inside the shop

There is a menu for food, cakes, drinks, etc. Would recommend another place to sit and rest while traveling. Or experience the good atmosphere of the shop And delicious food

Inside Tamel Coffee shop, 2nd floor
Inside Tamel Coffee shop, 2nd floor

Opening hours: Daily 08:30 – 17:30

Nearby attractions

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  • Tapae gate
  • Chetawan Temple
  • Mahawan Temple
  • Upakut Temple
  • Chiang Mai Ancient House

Location : 2 nd, 45-47 shooting. Khuang Meru these alleys Zhou Chang Moi Rd, Tambon Chang Moi, Muang Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300
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