Tham Sakon National Park – Pha Than Waterfall, walking path and experience nature closely

อุทยานแห่งชาติถ้ำสะเกิน - น้ำตกผาธาร เส้นทางเดินชมและสัมผัสธรรมชาติอย่างใกล้ชิด

Nature trail that can see many unusual, colorful and beautiful plants, including herbs Shrubs and saws Such as diamond basket, firecrackers, Doi Mai family, Aueang Din Elephant family Large perennials Especially the beginning of the Lord Buddha Which is a rare plant species Large and large Which is believed to be the largest tree in Thailand

Tourist attractions

  • Luang Sarn Cave Is a medium-sized cave There is a cave about 20 meters wide, the cave is a deep tunnel about 600 meters long. Inside the cave there are very beautiful stalactite stalagmites. Located in Tambon Yod, Song Khwae District, Nan Province.
  • Pla Krang Cave is a small cave with 2 places near each other. There is a cave about 3 meters wide. Inside both Krang Krang cave is about 20 meters deep inside a dark cave and there is a basin in the cave. But it was found that crayfish live in the cave and during the rainy season, water flows out of the cave mouth
  • Huay Hat Waterfall or Ban Yot Waterfall Is a medium-sized waterfall with water flowing all year round from Hat Creek Creek originating from Doi Ji With a height of about 3 floors and a height of 35 meters
  • Pha Than Waterfall or Hong Vieng Chan Waterfall Formerly named after the nature of the water flowing from a cliff to form a waterfall called Pha Than
  • Pha Lat Waterfall is a large waterfall. The water flows down from the hill which is full of skulls. Therefore resulting in many waterfalls There is an earth path along the waterfall up to the upper level waterfall. Away from the national park office 500 meters

A path for studying nature ” The King’s Tree ” during the rainy season and during the cold season For lovers Experience nature closely “Tham Sakon National Park” that covers the high mountains at the end of the Luang Prabang mountain range. Consisting of a complete forest
The path for learning about nature. There are 9 places to be able to learn naturally and experience closely as well.

  • Huai Namjin
  • Jiao Gu Lan
  • Amazing air vent
  • Nutmeg
  • The King
  • Nam Ta (Fish crayfish pond)
  • Gold cave
  • Wild bananas
  • Salt soil

Visiting the Saen Cave Visitors must contact officials from the national park to take a walk. As it requires a lot of flashlight and walking skill Visitors can contact the Visitor Center, Tham Sarong National Park. Should contact in advance And tourists are able to give a small gift to the staff who walk

National Park Fee

  • No service fee.
    Contact: For more information, please contact Tham Sakon National Park, Tel. 089-045-9831, 086-889-7167 or Tham Sakon National Park, P.O. Box 13, Tha Wang Pha District, Nan 55140


  • There are no shops, restaurants. Visitors should prepare food and drinking water as well.

Viewpoint and tent location:
Tham Sakon National Park has a limestone terrain. That looks beautiful Consisting of many limestone rods and cliffs Therefore, there are many places that can see the beautiful view in the high and far angle such as camping ground and camping ground (Lan Tham Dao) at the national park office And a tent ground at the base for fighting against former communist terrorists at Doi Ji.

Tham Samon National Park, guesthouse With bedding For 6 people, tourists can accommodate about 20-30 people per night.


  • From Nan city, take Highway 101, Nan – Thung Chang Ra, 42 kilometers to Tha Wang Pha District Office. Turn left on Highway 1148 for Nan-Phayao for another 75 kilometers, then turn right through Ban Sa-too, 3.5 kilometers, a total distance of 120.5 kilometers.

Location : Yod Sub-district, Song Khwae District, Nan Province
Map Coordinates :