Thai retro market, Ban Rajan. Delicious food. Enjoy shopping. Go retro together

ตลาดไทยย้อนยุคบ้านระจัน ของกินอร่อย เพลิดเพลินกับการเดินช็อป ไปย้อนยุคด้วยกัน

Many people’s weekends want a place to rest. If looking for a place to dine in a Thai atmosphere by the river, Thai food, Thai desserts, community products, along with the retro atmosphere in the Ayutthaya period. In the city of Wiset Chai Chan Sing Buri That has created an atmosphere in the form of a market to experience each other

Unique entrance Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Interior atmosphere Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan

“Rachan House Retro Thai Market” that must be visited once Of Sing Buri province Which is not very far from Bangkok For a 1 day trip, there is something worth visiting.

Nang Viewpoint at the waterfront and the stage to see the historical performance “Bang Rachan”
  • When traveling, went to prostrate Let’s pray at the Bang Rachan Monument first. Which is the only place of worship in this community
Camp Bang Rachan Monument
  • Visitors can visit the historical source at the Center for the Study of History and the Museum of History. Hero of Bang Rachan Camp
Museum of history Hero of Bang Rachan Camp
  • Then come to pay respect Make a wish at Wat Pho Kao Ton. For a clearer, more comfortable body
Wat Pho Kao Ton
  • Visit the sacred pond and shop. Buy various food items Both can buy to give to lovers, friends, family, then choose to buy and eat With shady seats next to the water, cool breeze, and watching performances dating to Thai history Which cannot be found anymore Walk to enjoy the Thai atmosphere That must be touched here, the only place in Sing Buri province
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan

Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan Open for viewing and shopping Sit and eat a variety of delicious food Come enjoy the retro style in Thai style.

Fried Clam Food Menu
Thai desserts
Jackfruit sticky rice dessert, jackfruit
Thai dessert
Fried Quail Eggs
  • Every Saturday-Sunday from 08.30-17.00 hrs.

Things to do in Sing Buri Province Is a tourist destination that is nearby

  • Thai Retro Market, Ban Rajan
  • Camp Bang Rachan Monument
  • Historical Study Center Building and History Museum Building Hero of Bang Rachan Camp
  • Holy water
  • Wat Pho Kao Ton

Location : Bang Rachan Sub-district, Khai Bang Rachan District, Sing Buri 16150 
Coordinate Map :