Street Art, Soi Praphan, Pharmacy of Betong, Yala Province


For tourists visiting Betong Don’t forget to stop by to take pictures with street art paintings. The new landmark, Soi Prapan Phet, Betong, Yala province is a work created. By students and professors Silpakorn University That makes tourists popular, must come to take pictures of check-in together

Most of the images are written in the story of the life of Betong. Both in culture and being a symbol that Bong told Betong Which the image has been drawn at various points, including 11 points on the wall, the wall under the bridge And many buildings in Betong

The beginning of the creation of such paintings In order to impress Betong people and tourists both Thai and foreigners Watching exotic beauty With more cheerful colors And to create a good image for tourism as well as help stimulate the economy Promoting the tourism of Betong

For more information, please contact TAT Yala Tel. 0 7352 2411, 0 7354 2345 or Betong Tourism Coordination Center Tel. 0 7323 2039

Nearby attractions

  • Clock tower, the center of Betong city, beautiful at night
  • Ban Mae Bon Hot Spring Community
  • Thai-Malay border checkpoint
  • The world’s largest postbox
  • Gateway to Betong
  • Phra That Chedi Phra Phutthatham declared Phutthathiwas Temple
  • Betong City Museum
  • Betong Mongkhonrit tunnel

Location : Betong District, Yala 95110 
Map coordinates :