Saengda Tai Lue House, The charm of a traditional way of life

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Chiang Kham, Phayao, northern tourist attractions Come to learn to experience the lifestyle of the local people. That is lovely and smiling Always ready to welcome you Come to eat local food A delicious variety of menus And see traditional Tai Lue houses That still conserves to this day

Saengda Tai Lue House The charm of a traditional way of life Of Mae Saengda Somrit, owner of Saengda Tai Lue House is over 70 years old. The house is in the traditional Tai Lue style that Mae Saengda intends to preserve for future generations to study. It is a tall wooden basement. The basement has a weaving tool which is unique to the Lanna people. There are products made from hand woven fabric for sale. There is also a homestay for tourists to stay. Able to accommodate no more than 20 people at a time but must call in advance

” Tai Lue food ” Khantoke really eating traditional food of Tai Lue people Say it. It’s strange. There are so many foods. But the look and smell of the food is quite inviting Some are even more delicious than expected.

  • Lue turnip screen that is different from the ordinary turnip screen Because the Tai Lue screen turnips will add coconut milk
  • Orange lettuce curry. Tastes good. Really can’t tell. For this dish, I know. But there is an unusual pork that is delicious.
  • Dry curry That has components of dried rice noodles The dry lines are to be dried in the sun first. And then cook it as food To extend the storage period
  • Paving basin are only eaten at Tai Lue Chiang Kham. If it is another region such as the northeast region, the ingredients used are called Bai Kruai puppy In the past, living only in the winter forest In which the Tai Lue people are squeezed into jelly But nowadays can be planted at home to eat throughout all seasons
  • Chili pork flavor is grilled pork. Then pound or pound To make it fluffed Then add the side dishes such as chilli, ginger, galangal, mixed into a little bit to taste this dish.
  • Baked fish, carp, carp with herbs and herbs inside Before being tied Then grill the fire to cook But the taste is super good Can’t tell why it is delicious Must try to eat by yourself
  • Pat Lue dessert is a Thai Lue dessert. The central part is called Rhombic but is different in the process. Causing the taste to be different too Which the dessert will be sweet, must eat with rice like rice crackers that are salty But when eating together The taste will contrast perfectly.

When evening fell near the evening, we went to ” Hearthai Lue Mae Saeng Da ” or the house of Mae Saeng Da Somrit in order to eat Khan Toke at night. This house is the few remaining Lue houses in Chiang Kham. Which the father of Mae Saengda has cultivated since 1946, and Ma Saeng Da is still preserved with love Although the children will build a new modern house. But Mae Sa Da is still here Which is the style of the Thai Lue house like we had previously seen

Can visit every day (No entrance fee) Contact elder Yin, call 08-4483-4188 or come by yourself.

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Location : Yuan Subdistrict, Chiang Kham District, Phayao 56110
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