Pam Bok Waterfall and Boon Kho Koo So Bridge in the midst of nature, mountains, lush green rice fields

น้ำตกแพมบกและสะพานไม้ โขกู้โส่ แม่ฮ่องสอน ท่ามกลางธรรมชาติขุนเขา น้ำตก ทุ่งนาเขียวชอุ่ม

Natural path Travel from Pai city to Chiang Mai. Made him realize that in the midst of the vast forest of Pai There is a hidden Pam Bok waterfall. By about 6 kilometers away from the city. Pambok Waterfall is a small waterfall. But visitors may have to walk and climb along the path and small stone crevices, which are cool and shady atmosphere. Clear and fresh water

The beauty point of this waterfall is a high cliff with water flowing down through the stone crevices and into the water basin below. It is another beauty that should not be missed for Pai. And another place that is close to each other Don’t forget to visit the beautiful wooden bridge in the middle of the rice field.

Pam Bok Waterfall
near the village center, Pam. 8 kilometers away from Pai town. The style of Pam Bok waterfall Will be a small stream Flows through the cliffs Which is a canyon higher than 40 meters divided into 5 sub-layers together

Boon Kho Koo So Bridge
is a bridge located in the village of merit PAM Transport Thung Yao Pai. Build a connection between Pambok village and Huai Khai Khiri temple The main objective is for monks to come and receive alms in the morning more conveniently. And is also a viewpoint among the rice fields and the fog and canals After watching the pleasures of the eyes, it is perfect for relaxing and letting the body spray in a truly natural atmosphere.

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Open for viewing everyday Pambok waterfall entrance rate

  • Thai people, 20 baht
  • Foreigners 40 baht

Location : Pam Bok Waterfall, Thung Yao Subdistrict, Pai District, Mae Hong Son,
Coordinate Map :