Hin Phan Yod Castle, the ancient sea island of Pak Nam Bara, Satun Province


Satun Tourism and Ban Bo Chet Luk Tourism Community, Satun Province Admire the natural wonders in the sea. At Khao Yai Island With the place of the dragon spine (Talay Waek), the heart of the Andaman, Prasat Hin Pan Yod, the island in the ancient sea, and the kayaking of the love channel at Tham Lod. In addition, take a long-tail boat, cruise to the air. Get cool breeze. Experience the fisherman lifestyle of Ban Bo Chet Luk community that is simple and lovely, delicious local food. People are smiling and friendly.

Boat service of the village community Fishing boats of the villagers 
Ban Bo Chet Luk Tourist Community Is a village adjacent to the Andaman Sea Which is primarily a fishing profession And trading profession The villagers in this community are simple, friendly, helpful with each other. Good hospitality And there is a conflict in religious matters. Al-Quran teachings In the community there is a teacher table (Islamic scholars) with religious expertise And there is exchange of religion Villagers therefore use Islamic principles as a way of life.

For travel to each place There will be a long tail boat of Chum Ban Bo Chet Luk, providing access to various sightseeing spots. Which will be charged at 700 baht per head / person with food for 1 hand and drinking water on the boat Where to go?

1. The dragon’s back (Talay Waek) is one point of the boat, not far away. It takes 10 minutes from the beach. When the boat is docked against the sand dunes (Talay Waek), look out to be called a miracle that occurs naturally in the Andaman Sea. Who wants everyone to come and see with their eyes But what makes the sea break here is different from the other, that is, all along the beach is not all sand. But there are many shells that have been swept away for a long time. With a distance of more than 4 kilometers in the water, when the sun shines down and hits the sand dunes. Looks like the scales of a dragon that is twirling along the curve of the beach and swims in the sea. Looks very beautiful. 
Note The time when we will see the dragon spine depends on the tide each day. Suggest to inquire with the community first. Will not come to lose a trip

2. Hin Phan Yod Castle In the middle of the ancient sea, over 450 million years old, is located on Khao Yai Island in the Petra Islands National Park. And is a part of the park, Satun Satun Natural wonders created Is considered an important landmark that must be given once A limestone island in the middle of the sea Has a hole like a cave When passing, we will find a small beach. And the emerald green sea that is surrounded by large stone bars with beautiful shapes Looks like a fairytale castle Villagers therefore called “Prasat Hin Phan Yod”, which is visited by Hin Phan Yod Castle Must only kayak to watch during the reduced tide

3. Tham Lod finds love On the island of Khao Yai Can kayak, birth, love channel The atmosphere is cool and comfortable. The view is very beautiful. Suggest to go in the evening will not be very hot.

4. Heart at the sharp end Khao Yai Island Zone The distance of the tail from Prasat Hin Phan Yod is about 3 km. The boat is docked at the beach and then walk up to the top 200 meters. Looks like a piercing stone like a heart shape With a bright blue sea background This area is also a geological area where fossils are found over 480 million years old. Coming in the evening is very beautiful With a viewpoint that can sit and watch the sunset beautifully

If you come to Satun Introduce the Islamic restaurant during the night “Bara Roti” and stroll along the beach, watching the way of life of the community at “Pak Nam Bara” beach.

Can travel to Satun province throughout the year There are many attractions. And a resting place 
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Location Pak Nam Bara : Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe La-ngu Satun 91110 
Map coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/dztpEKcUPEzWUQYQA