E-Tong Village, Pillock Mining, surrounded by mountains and sea of ​​mist amidst the warm nature.

หมู่บ้านอีต่อง เหมืองปิล็อก โอบล้อมไปด้วยขุนเขาและทะเลหมอกท่ามกลางธรรมชาติที่แสนอบอุ่น

” Ban E-Tong ” is the site of the Biloxi mine. Which had flourished in the past around the year 2483, tin mining mines with 600 workers, until the price of mineral around the world falls The result of a price cut of ore from China around the year 1984-1985. The prosperity of the mining has ended. The ever-prosperous Pilok There is a booming market. Used to have 2 movie theaters, it was lonely Various mines Here gradually shut down Workers began to gradually disperse home.

On the way, drive up the mountain 399, curving to the Pillock mine.
Viewpoint Biloxi way up
On the way to see nature closely

Currently, the main income of E-Tong village is tourism Homestay Accommodation Suitable for those who like nature, the weather is higher than 1,000 meters above sea level.

E-Tong Market
Pool view point Village E Tong
E-Tong Market
Mining bridge
Village E Tong

There is a small waterfall behind Thai Mueang, opposite the village. And is a large koi pond Swipe back and forth in clear, cool water Cool fresh air

Thai Mueang Orchid Garden, opposite the village
Thai Mueang House, opposite the village
Koeng fish pond, Thai Muang, opposite the village
Thai Mueang Waterfall, opposite the village

Now is a destination that many tourists want to come to experience. Have to travel through 399 bends, and there are also nearby tourist attractions such as Jok Kradin Waterfall, Noen Chang Suek National Park, Thong Pha Phum National Park, Khao Chang Phueak, Namphan Amityit, Nidhiran Niran, Thai-Myanmar border, Thai-Myanmar border. In the middle of popular nature

Village E Tong
E-Tong Village Restaurant
E-Tong Village Store
I-Tong Village Accommodation
I-Tong Village Accommodation

” Noen Chang Suek ” is the base of the Border Patrol Police Station 135 (Chang Suek Base). Some people call the Doi Pilok peak or the Tong Pa Lae as border base at the border of Thailand-Burma. Located approximately 1,053 meters above sea level

Border Patrol Police Operations Base

There is a staff hall, Lan H. and a high angle view. Overlooking both the Thai and Burmese side On the Thai side, you can see the viewpoint of Sao Thong Hill. And E-Tong village In the valley below On the Myanmar side, there are mountains and forests that are complex mountains. And the same forest as Thailand, far out of sight

Noen Chang Suek Viewpoint

There is a gas delivery station on the Burma side not far from the border area. By connecting the pipeline to E Tong Village Is a business of PTT, which will bring this gas to be resold at Within Thailand In addition, PTT gas is distributed in part to give villagers to use it for free.

Noen Chang Suek Viewpoint

” Jok Kradin Waterfall ” Jok Kradin Waterfall is located in Thong Pha Phum National Park , Kanchanaburi. This waterfall is a destination for tourists visiting Ban E Thong Pilip, can visit here. Most will stop off from E-Tong house.

Jog Kradin Waterfall
Jog Kradin Waterfall

Jog Kradin Waterfall Is a waterfall in the middle of the valley That is very beautiful There is water throughout the year. The waterfall is approximately 34 meters high, with the deepest in the middle of the basin, 3-4 meters in the dry season. Can play in the water. Jog Kradin Waterfall in Myanmar Is a distorted name from the old word “Jogan Dan” means Waterfall that flows through the rock crevices. There is a source of water that rises from the mountain of Pu Pu. Located in the tungsten mining area, flowing through the village The waterfall basin is beautiful emerald green.

Jog Kradin Waterfall

The way to the waterfall from the main road into 8 km. The way is really small and very steep. In addition, there is a dirt road at the entrance of the car park The rainy season is a deep hole. Must drive with caution

Jog Kradin Waterfall
Jog Kradin Waterfall

Park the car and walk to the waterfall. Pay 40 baht per person for the waterfall. The 30 baht for cars that come in from the entrance to walk 300 meters is a good flat sidewalk. Walk to reach the waterfall, there will be a wooden bridge to walk across Overlooks the beautiful waterfall Clear water flows down from the rock crevices scattered. The water in the emerald green basin is very beautiful. Worth the touring

The route on the way up to the Billock mine

Travel to E-Tong Village, Biloxi Mine

Private car : From Thong Pha Phum Market to I-Tong Village, 70 km. Distance, more than 399 curves. Drive with caution. Road conditions are asphaltic roads. Some parts of the road surface is damaged and potholes. Should depart before 15.00 hrs. Fill up the tank before Because the top has only a glass tube pump

  • Motorcycle up
  • ECO CAR sedan, 1,200 cc engine can be raised comfortably. Suggesting to seat no more than 2 people plus personal luggage and then chill up comfortably
  • Sedan pick-up truck uses low gear
    *** If wanting to visit Jok Kradan waterfall There will be a steep path Should drive with caution ***

From Thong Pha Phum Market Pier Is a yellow minibus The side says Thong Pha Phum Market – Thong Pha Phum National Park – Ban I Thong

  • The uptrend began traveling from Thong Pha Phum market. The bus departs about 10.00 am until 12.00 pm.
  • Legs down from Lee Tong’s house to bottom The bus departs at 6:00 am until 7:00 am (time may change in the future).
    Currently only 3 cars are available. The fare is 70 baht per person.


  • Homestay
  • Tent
  • toilet
  • Restaurant, gift shop
  • Meaning sign, Access point sign

Tourism activities
Adventure travel
• Trekking •
Leisure travel
• Sightseeing / Nature viewing / Star watching / Firefly watching
• Photography •
Religious tourism
• Religious worship / Buddhist monks / wishes

Contact information
Address: Biloxi Mine, Pilok Subdistrict, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi Province 71180 Tel. 034-546649
Coordinate Map : https://goo.gl/maps/tGNq6iWvsU4WWhD16


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