Dolphin viewpoint Red seaside bridge With the evening atmosphere watching the sunset.

จุดชมวิวปลาโลมา สะพานแดงริมชายทะเล กับบรรยากาศยามเย็นชมพระอาทิตย์ตกดิน

Weekend Things to do in Samut Sakhon Province The seaside Bang Khun Thian is suitable for relaxing and walking with cool breeze. With beautiful sunset views Come to walk to get the wind at the red bridge. “Dolphin Viewpoint” is another place that tourists come to visit very popular.

For the evening The walk to receive the wind at the red bridge point, the atmosphere is very good. And can come throughout the year And came to relax in the wind of the coast And can still see the sunset To be honest, it is very beautiful. In addition, you can also walk to see the mangrove forest and slow-down bamboo trees as well.

When the past, during the month November – January There will be cool breeze entering the Gulf of Thailand. The wind and saltwater swept a huge number of dolphins. At this point the name was given. “Dolphin Viewpoint”

But nowadays the chance to see dolphins is very small or may not be seen at all. Because also according to the changing environment

Shrine Matcha
Evening chin ball shop
Evening atmosphere, cool breeze

Dolphin viewpoint It is also popular with tourists who like to travel here. Because with the same atmosphere as the beach But the water may not be as clear as the Andaman Sea And there is a red wooden bridge that runs parallel to the seashore 700 meters long, with a beautiful view of the coast. With cool sea breeze Can see the atmosphere of the sunrise and sunset. Entrance area There are many seafood restaurants. And accommodation for those who want to spend the night in the seaside atmosphere

Red Pan for walking in the cool breeze
Sunset atmosphere
Chanelay Restaurant
Accommodation at Chan ‘Lay Resort

Red seaside bridge Has been built for about 6 years, built by the Office of Public Works and Town Planning in Samut Sakhon. The reason why the bridge was painted in red Because originally the village that is the location of the Red Bridge is called “Red Village”. The red bridge is constructed of planks, all supported by cement columns. With a total length of 700 meters, which at present is still strong And receiving constant maintenance and repair

This village is mainly engaged in fishermen, salt farming and selling seafood. Which has simple living

Suggestions for walking the Red Bridge : Some parts of the bridge are damaged. Please walk with caution. Should bring umbrellas and hats with you to protect from the sun If coming during the afternoon, the sun is hot. If coming in the evening, can walk comfortably.

Open for viewing everyday No entrance fee

Travel : From Bangkok, go to Bang Khun Thian-Chai Thale Road. Go to the end of the Dolphins Observatory Road, then turn right for about 3 kilometers. The Red Bridge will be on the side of the Chao Pho Matcha Shrine.
Location : Dolphin Viewpoint Phanthai Norasing Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province
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