Doi Tapang, the view point of the sea of ​​fog and the beautiful mountainous landscape of Zhangjiajie


For those who like adventurous travel, like adventure, touch nature closely On the top of the mountain there is another place of the southern province, Doi Tapang, Chumphon, Chumphon. The route up to Doi Tapang is a highlight of this trip. There are beautiful and horrific views while traveling.

This mountain range is about 450 meters above sea level, which is not very high. But the terrain is suitable for visiting the sea of ​​fog all year because of the heavy rain and rarely the wind 
The beauty of this place is similar to Zhangjiajie. Shorten to hundreds of times. Rocky mountain Some of them are long, like a blade, with a hole in the middle, which is he penetrated. 
And is the famous coffee plantation area here and Khao Thalu during June The sun will rise in the hole. During his beautiful piercing

Doi Tapang is located in Khao Thalu Sub-district. Amphoe Sawi, about 35 kilometers from the district, the area is generally steep limestone mountains Alternating flatlands, farming, fruit orchards, garden, Mak, palm garden

The origin of Doi Tapang is the name of the villagers who made their living. The villagers met this mountain. With beautiful scenery suitable for tourism Therefore went to the village headman until he reached the forest to help develop the mountain path, but there were forest restrictions

That is, with the land that is a state area, allowing people to eat and have a prohibition to do the road up formally, can only do the concrete way, the way of traveling is quite difficult for foreigners, but it seems easy For that person

Parking spots for tourists to the top of the mountain, about 3.5 km only, but the route is quite steep. Unskilled people may be difficult to drive. Cars that can be carried can go up. Pickup truck or Motorbike with gear or renting a car for villagers for 500 baht to get back to sit 10 people.

At present, the mountain top area is not able to extend the tent. Because too tight, therefore moved down to the village area, about 800 meters from the top of the mountain

The time that is suitable for viewing the fog is set to 5 or more for tourists who want to stay overnight on the mountain. There is also a service with a dance point to touch nature closely. And waking up to see the morning mist (Of the village) also

Invited to experience the Doi Tapang sea mist. On the top of the mountain, throughout the year, Thailand has many beautiful attractions. Which once had to touch and agree with my own eyes

Contact to find more information at the President of Khao Thalu Subdistrict Administrative Organization Tel. (089) 469-6045 
or the village headman, Moo 7, Khao Thalu Subdistrict, Tel. (082) 812-5856

Location : Khao Thalu Subdistrict, Sawi Chumphon District 86130 
Map coordinates :