Clock tower, the center of Betong city, beautiful at night


The center of Betong city at night Do not miss the photo shoot with the lights that surround the watch tower in Betong district. Which is very beautiful And is an old building with the Betong city for a long time Built as a symbol of the center of the city at the intersection of Suk Yang Road and Rattanakit Road

With the famous white marble from Yala Which has been accepted in terms of strength, looks elegant Around the clock tower, clenched with wires, which in the early hours these wires were filled with small creatures called “swallows”. The island was filled with wires. These swallows escaped the cold from Siberia to Betong. During the months of September to March, they will fly to find food in the forest. And returned to the island where the wires in the early hours were like this, every day became a part of the life of the Betong people whom they were bound and cherished.

Convenient travel Cool atmosphere Is a lovely city Wide smile of people Simple peaceful life The complex mountains surround the city. Outstanding culture Various delicious dishes, Roti is famous

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Location : Betong District, Yala 95110 
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