Chedi Luang Temple, Worawihan Big Buddha relics of Lanna city, Chiang Mai

วัดเจดีย์หลวงวรวิหาร พระธาตุองค์ใหญ่แห่งเมืองล้านนาเชียงใหม่

When traveling to visit the north The city of Lanna Which each place is beautiful, which is broken up by each person’s perspective But for traveling to Chiang Mai Those who like to appreciate old temples Valuable to study and learn history, must come to “Chedi Luang Worawihan Temple” which is a large relics And the ancient capital of Lanna, Chiang Mai It is beautiful and looks at the treasures of Chedi Luang. This temple

Chedi Luang Temple, Worawihan  Big Buddha relics of Lanna city, Chiang Mai

Chedi Luang Temple, Worawihan has a wide area. In front of the entrance, when walking in, will see the Royal Lanna Temple. Ubar Khun Pramat and Chao Kaew Nawarat were created in the year 1928. In the enshrined Phra Phra Thatharot Buddha statue President of forgiveness According to the art of Chiang Mai at the beginning that was influenced by the art of Pala (India), cast by bronze gold, 18 cubits high

In front of the entrance to the temple There is a serpent staircase used to hang the tail of the temple to the temple. This pair of Naga is an old craft that has been known as the most beautiful naga of the north.

Wat Chedi Luang Wihan is the largest chedi building in Chiang Mai. Built in the reign of King Saen Mueang, the 7th King of the Mangrai Dynasty. (1913-1954) Later, Phrathi Loharachat Let the mechanic extend the pagoda to be higher and wider Completed in the year 2024 and inviting the Emerald Buddha to be enshrined between 2011-2091 For up to 80 years later, in the year 2088, Phra Jiraprapha An earthquake Causing the stupa to break down At present, the pagoda has a height of 40.8 meters, with a base width of 60 meters. 
This temple also has an Inthakhin column or a city pillar, built when King Mengrai the Great built Chiang Mai in 1839, enshrined in the temple. Small Thai porch This Inthakhin pole is built with a large tree. Buried underground Every year on the 12th day of the eighth lunar month (above) or around May, there will be a job. “Enter Inthakhin” to celebrate the city principle

In addition to the things mentioned above Around the temple area there are still interesting things to wait for visitors to visit. Both the temple teacher Phra Ajarn Man Temple Sala Phra is enshrined in the reclining Buddha image. Hall and Museum And shrine If anyone visits Chiang Mai Do not miss to pay homage to the monks, see important temples in the city.

Open for viewing every day : 08.00 – 17.00 hrs. Free admission fee 
Location : 103 Phra Pokklao Road, Si Phum Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 
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