Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Go and watch animals underwater and on land.

บึงฉวากเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ไปเดินดูสัตว์โลกใต้น้ำและบนบกกัน

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Gateway to the paradise of the underwater world, the sea and a variety of zoos. With a good atmosphere in the midst of a large Chawak lake Go to open the world to learn underwater animals. That will fill you with a holiday

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Is a large natural lake With a total area of ​​approximately 2,700 rai, about 64 kilometers from the city of Suphan Buri. Bueng Chawak has contact areas with Hankha District. Chainat Province And Amphoe Doem, Bang Nang Buat Suphanburi Province

Inside the entrance to Chawak lake. The paradise of the underwater world
Photo spot of Bueng Chawak corner

In the area of ​​Doem Bang Nang Buat District, an area of ​​approximately 1,700 rai. Bueng Chawak has been declared a non-hunting area since 1983 and in 1998 has been classified as a wetland. Of national importance According to the Ramsar Convention in which Thailand is a party Due to the variety of plants and animals that are in the marsh The characteristics known as wetland according to the Ramsar Convention Which Chawak lake is considered a natural freshwater lake

View of the check-in point, take pictures of Bueng Chawak
Bueng Chawak Zoo Zone

Zoo zone
Bueng Chawak Wildlife Management Development Center Built in honor His Majesty the King On the occasion of his 50th reign, consisting of a tourist service center building Organized an exhibition to give knowledge about Raising different kinds of wildlife, birdwatching, geography The history of Bueng Chawak With ecological simulation cabinets Video slide show room Outside the building there is a large bird cage with an area of ​​about 5 rai, 25 meters high. Inside the cage has been decorated to look like natural conditions, consisting of more than 45 bird species of interest such as the Kaabua bird, the red duck bird, the pheasant and the golden pheasant which is said. says Is the most beautiful pheasant in the world There is a simulation of a small waterfall inside the cage. Visitors will walk along the organized walkway. And get in touch with birds that let live in natural conditions Walk past us If walking next to a bird cage Will be a large tiger cage Small tiger cage There are different kinds of tigers to watch and the special is that there are scouts sucking pig milk.

Large fish tank Amazon giant snakehead fish

The aquatic zone is divided into 3 buildings
, Bueng Chawak Aquaculture Hall (freshwater fish tunnel). Inside the Aquaculture Exhibition Building, collect freshwater fish species, beautiful fish and rare fish species. For the public to study

Inside the aquarium displaying the freshwater fish species, ornamental fish and rare fish species.

The 1st Aquaculture Building, displaying
freshwater and saltwater species Both Thai fish species And more than 50 kinds of foreign fish species such as Giant catfish, Krua fish, Horse fish, Snakehead fish, Cobra fish, Tiger fish, etc.

The second aquarium building
consists of a large, beautiful fish tank. Holds more than 400 cubic meters of water and has a tunnel length of about 8.5 meters, viewers can walk through under the fish tank Get the atmosphere like being near to aquatic animals Which is considered the first freshwater fish tunnel in Thailand, with female divers demonstrating fish feeding In addition, there are also 30 freshwater fish tanks around and around 7 beautiful sea fish tanks around.

The 3rd Aquarium, which houses
marine fish species Amazing With a shark tunnel And all kinds of sea creatures

Bueng Chawak Fish Tunnel

Freshwater crocodile pond
This zone is a pond for many crocodiles. And there are show spots to watch as well

Big fish tank show only on Saturday Sunday and public holidays, there are 4 rounds, from 10.30 – 16.00 hrs.
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  • Phone: 035-430043-4
  • Business hours: Open daily, every day 09.00 – 17.00 hrs.

With accommodation in a shady atmosphere Inhale the smell of natural breath Admire the beauty of the vast lake Impressed with relaxation … Must Bueng Chawak Resort

  • Bueng Chawak Resort, Bung Chawak Resort, Doem Bang Nang Buat District Suphan Buri Province
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