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Khao Chong Lom, amidst the natural waterfalls, forests in the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam

When tired looking for relaxation “Khao Chong Lom” amidst the natural. Green Mountain, waterfall, ozone, good atmosphere at Khun Dan Prathan Chon dam That will help heal the heart again With a good day that will make you happy In the midst of nature that is always a comforting companion Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam Located in Nakhon Nayok province And there is […]

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Go and watch animals underwater and on land.

บึงฉวากเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ไปเดินดูสัตว์โลกใต้น้ำและบนบกกัน

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Gateway to the paradise of the underwater world, the sea and a variety of zoos. With a good atmosphere in the midst of a large Chawak lake Go to open the world to learn underwater animals. That will fill you with a holiday Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Is a large natural lake With a total area of ​​approximately 2,700 […]

Dolphin viewpoint Red seaside bridge With the evening atmosphere watching the sunset.

จุดชมวิวปลาโลมา สะพานแดงริมชายทะเล กับบรรยากาศยามเย็นชมพระอาทิตย์ตกดิน

Weekend Things to do in Samut Sakhon Province The seaside Bang Khun Thian is suitable for relaxing and walking with cool breeze. With beautiful sunset views Come to walk to get the wind at the red bridge. “Dolphin Viewpoint” is another place that tourists come to visit very popular. For the evening The walk to receive the wind at the […]

Travel to Koh Kret, one day, complete recipes, learn to eat, shop, make merit with a good day to be happy.

ท่องเที่ยวเกาะเกร็ดวันเดียวครบสูตร ได้เรียนรู้ กิน ช็อป ทำบุญ กับวันดีๆให้ได้สุขใจ

Travel to Koh Kret Nonthaburi Is an island in the middle of the Chao Phraya River Which has a village community that lives In most cases it is a group of Mon people of simple ethnicity. Peaceful community, not chaotic And the atmosphere in the midst of nature Surrounded by the Chao Phraya River Lose the air to fill the lungs. Ready to […]

Thai retro market, Ban Rajan. Delicious food. Enjoy shopping. Go retro together

ตลาดไทยย้อนยุคบ้านระจัน ของกินอร่อย เพลิดเพลินกับการเดินช็อป ไปย้อนยุคด้วยกัน

Many people’s weekends want a place to rest. If looking for a place to dine in a Thai atmosphere by the river, Thai food, Thai desserts, community products, along with the retro atmosphere in the Ayutthaya period. In the city of Wiset Chai Chan Sing Buri That has created an atmosphere in the form of a market to experience […]

Wonders of Bang Kung Temple Phra Pho Church, Samut Songkhram

มหัศจรรย์วัดบางกุ้ง โบสถ์ปรกโพธิ์ สมุทรสงคราม

When visiting Samut Songkhram Don’t miss to visit Bang Kung Temple too. With this place important in the history of Thailand that must come to learn This Bang Kung Temple was originally a Bang Kung Camp. Which is the location of the battle camp in the Ayutthaya period (originally of history), which at present “Bang Kung Temple” is a […]

Visit monkey town Learn the history of Phra Prang Sam Yod, Muang, Lopburi

เที่ยวเมืองลิง เรียนรู้ประวัติศาสตร์พระปรางค์สามยอด เมืองลพบุรี

One day trip to Lop Buri, take a mini bus (Chatuchak) or train to Hua Lamphong station. Can chill as well From Bangkok – Lop Buri Not far away Can enjoy all day For holidays, busy days, or days that can’t be considered. 555 For traveling to Lop Buri … there are many tourist attractions in this zone in Lopburi. Attractions […]

Including a train trip, whichever is fun In the morning and evening, the price is not far away. Enjoy all day

รวมทริปนั่งรถไฟไปเที่ยวไหนก็สนุก แบบไปเช้า-เย็นกลับ ราคาถูก เดินทางไม่ไกล สนุกได้ทั้งวัน

Travel with the State Railway of Thailand Excellent service for train trips Where to go, it’s fun. With both morning-evening and overnight The State Railway of Thailand has a procession for running a particular tour. With Saturday-Sunday and public holidays Which can reserve tickets in advance, plan travel all year Trip to the State Railway of Thailand organizes travel | Which […]

Train trips to The Suan Saiyok Adventure Park.

ทริปนั่งรถไฟเที่ยวเดอะสวนไทรโยค แอดเวนเจอร์ ปาร์คแบบไปเช้า-เย็นกลับ

On weekends, plan a trip to the city of Karn, take a chew train, enjoy the two sides of the rice fields, mountains and clear skies. Visit Nakhon Pathom, worship Phra Pathom Chedi. Then visit the River Kwai Bridge Enjoy the activities of The Suan Saiyok Adventure Park to lose full air, freshen up the lungs. The […]

Take a train ride to visit Prasat Mueang Sing Historical Park.


On weekends, plan a trip to the city of Karn, take a chew train, enjoy the two sides of the rice fields, mountains and clear skies. Visit Nakhon Pathom, worship Phra Pathom Chedi. Then go to see the River Kwai Bridge, Krasae Cave, Muang Sing Castle Confederate military cemetery To lose the air, to fully refresh the lungs […]