Bangpoo, experience the natural atmosphere of the seaside. See seagulls.

บางปู สัมผัสบรรยากาศธรรมชาติชายทะเลชมนกนางนวล

Relaxing day Went to walk, see seagulls and mangrove forests See Phra Satit Sat Experience the natural atmosphere of the seaside near Bangkok. 
For “Bangpoo” come every time, feel really relaxed. But if walking for a cold time Will be very good Which will take many groups of seagulls And give food and touch closely at one place

Come to Bangpoo There are still many activities. There is a place to eat and ready to serve you. Is convenient and not too far for Bangkok

Bang Pu was built in the year 2480, according to the idea of ​​Field Marshal Pibulsongkram, Prime Minister at that time. Later, the bridge was built. The name “Suksa Bridge” was opened to the general public. And became an important symbol of Bang Pu Which later There is a building built at the end of the bridge named “Sala Sukjai” by offering food and beverage sales. It is also an appointment for the elderly. For dancing activities Every Saturday too

Photography on the Suk Ta Bridge Is a long limestone bridge built out into the sea Which is Kanok Nang Nuan, fly to eat from tourists who have brought food to Thus making it look beautiful and people Tourists come to take pictures together And receive the wind to admire the atmosphere, receive the last light of each day

Restaurants to recommend in Bang Pu

  • Porch Talay Shop Many food options The food is delicious and important. The view is very beautiful in the evening.
  • The sea breeze shop next to the sea, the shrimp Chaom sour soup menu If anyone likes to organize it
  • Baan Chidlom Shop For here, the shop will look modern, beautiful, Thai, good atmosphere, crab menu can be ordered as ordered.
  • Traveling to Bang Pu for the city people

For anyone who wants to travel to Bangpoo but doesn’t have a private car. Can travel easily, pinning the map along the GPS route

Take the BTS down to the Bearing Station and connect the two rows / buses. Any line goes to Pak Nam from Pak Nam, in front of the Samutprakarn court or Pichai temple or fresh market. Pak Nam – Khlong Dan Said that Bang Pu resort Or sitting in a minibus that says Pak Nam – Bang Tamru Will soon reach Bangpoo resort

Places to visit near Bang Pu

  • Ancient City
  • Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo
  • The Erawan Museum
  • Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market
  • Bangplee-Bang Krachao Ancient Waterfront Market

Open – closed from 5:00 to 20:00 pm. Admission is free and 
the 164 Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Bang Pu Mai, Muang Samut Prakan 10280 
Map : Https://