Warm Sapan village Can you stay a long time Rice fields, Ban Sap Pan, Sap Pan Waterfall. Want to tell love, Nan province.

หมู่บ้านสะปันที่แสนอบอุ่น ท่ามกลางธรรมชาติขุนเขา อำเภอบ่อเกลือ จังหวัดน่าน

Ban Sapan, a nice village Surrounded by the warm mountains of Nan Province every time Located in the midst of nature of the mountains With streams flowing through And during the rainy season You can also see the view of the green rice fields as well. Good for relaxing Let life walk slowly with the cool, peaceful atmosphere and simple living of Sap Pan village.

Ban Pan Pan is a good ozone field of Bor Kluea District, Nan Province. It is a small village, peaceful, fresh air, trees, waterfalls, many wildlife, waterfront accommodation. Sit and sip the fragrant coffee of the villagers in the morning. Wake up to fresh air, freshness, tranquility, the small happiness of the people at the top of the high mountain.

Recommended tourist spots to go.

  • The fog tells the house lover.
  • Ban Sapan field viewpoint
  • Warm up
  • Sap Pan Waterfall
  • Rock salt pond
The fog tells the house lover.

The fog tells the Hug Ban Sa.
The fog tells the Hug, another accommodation that has a beautiful view. In the village of Sapan Bo Kluea District Nan Province, Sa Pan, a small, peaceful community surrounded by the nature of mountains and flowing rivers. Especially during the rainy season in rice farming You can also see the view of the green rice fields as well. Within the village there are about 4-5 accommodations. The fog tells Hug. Located on a high level, you can see the view of mountains and fog. Including a clear view of the rice fields

Stay at the fog, tell Hug, Ban Pan Pan
House atmosphere The fog tells Hug Ban Pan Pan.

Ban Sapan field viewpoint
It is the most beautiful view in the village. The coordinates are located near the fog telling the Hug. If coming, when there is a chance to see the mist floating around the mountain as well.

View of the green field Fresh atmosphere
Looking out, feeling comfortable and relaxing

Aimang, a small homestay, peaceful, simple, next to a stream, with mountain views, even if not staying. Can come to sip a drink to sit and enjoy the scenery along the stream The drink here is a drip called freshly brewed tea and coffee. The whole shop smells warm, the atmosphere is warm, warm. Both cafes and accommodations are built of wood. The furniture used for decoration is round, glazed with nature.

Un Aimang, a small homestay, peaceful and simple, next to a stream
Fresh cool water streams and morning mist

Sap Pan
Waterfall is a medium-sized waterfall with 3 floors in the area of ​​Khun Nan National Park. Caused by the Sapan River With water flowing all year round The area of ​​the waterfall has cool shady forests and is naturally beautiful. From the foot of the pedestrian to a distance of about 600 meters to the inner waterfall. With water flowing all year round Is a waterfall that is naturally beautiful Forest conditions in the waterfall area are shady and cool. Completely beautiful

Sap Pan waterfall amid nature
Walking path to Sap Pan waterfall
The distance is not very far, 600 meters. The walkway is convenient.
During the route, watch the nature that is in harmony with the Sap Pan waterfall.
The waterfall flows from the source. In the midst of nature that is truly fascinating
Sap Pan waterfall among the mountains

Kluea Rock Garden Bo Kluea is a district in Nan province surrounded by mountains and there are many interesting stories until we have to drive through the winding and steep paths from the surrounding districts of Bo Kluea. Just because you want to see a saltwater pond in the middle of the village that is used to produce “Rock salt”, the only salt mountain in the world Formerly Bo Kluea District is named “Mueang Bo” which should refer to the rock salt wells that are in this area.

The entrance to the village that produces salt
The house has a salt production process.
Salt ponds that follow the process steps Then get salt out for consumption

Visiting a salt pond isn’t just about salt. Because along the route and the area around this salt pond is full of other tourist attractions such as Khun Nan National Park, Saphan Waterfall and the best ozone source like Sapan village. A community surrounded by pure nature Once we have received it, we can say that it is one of the best weather places in Thailand.

Rocky Mountain Salt Pond
The atmosphere in the village
Signboard indicating salt pond information

Getting to Sap Pan Village

1. By private car

  • From the city of Nan district Take the peace route, Bor Kluea or Pua Doi Phu Kha Bor Kluea route, heading for Amphoe Kluea. The distance of 100 kilometers to Bo Kluea district. There will be a bridge over the canal. Across the bridge will come across three junctions. Turn left towards Khun Nan National Park. Go straight to reach Sa Pan village.

2. Traveling by bus
From the city of Nan province or from Bangkok, take a bus to get off at Pua market, then take the 2 rows of Pua Bo Kluea line.

Service rate
2.1 Pua-Bo Kluea

  • Time 7:30 hrs. Fare 80 baht / person
  • 9:00 am (may or may not have Depending on whether or not there are passengers)

2.2 Salt-Pua ponds

  • Time 9:00 hrs. Fare 80 baht / person

2.3 Bus charter

  • Pua-Sapapan 1,000 / 1 trip
  • Boklua-Sapan 1-4 people, Mao 200 baht
  • 5 people or more, 50 baht per person

Location : Ban Sapan, Dong Phaya, Bor Kluea, Nan 55220
Coordinate map : https://goo.gl/maps/KkvnSDneuCsc6PNR9