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Kaeng Pha Dai, the last point of view of the Mekong River in northern Chiang Rai


Boundary between Thailand – Laos Which has an intermediate Mekong River With the viewpoint of Ban Huai Ian or Kaeng Pha Dai is the last point of view of the Mekong River in the northern region before the Mekong River flows into Laos. Which is opposite the neighboring country, Laos PDR. Looking out to be lush mountains […]

Khao Laem Ya National Park The vast sea Indigo blue and warm breeze

อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาแหลมหญ้า ท้องทะเลที่กว้างใหญ่ ฟ้าสีครามและสายลมที่อบอุ่น

Deep breath in the evening atmosphere By the sea of ​​Khao Laem Ya National Park Stand by the wind and look forward to the sun as the edge of the vast sea. The sun’s rays hitting the sea create a feeling of beauty and peace of mind. Khao Laem Ya National Park White Lifeguard Pavilion Laem Ya’s Landmark Another tourist attraction […]

Khao Chong Lom, amidst the natural waterfalls, forests in the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam

เขาช่องลมท่ามกลางธรรมชาติ น้ำตก ป่าเขาในเขื่อนขุนด่านประการชล

When tired looking for relaxation “Khao Chong Lom” amidst the natural. Green Mountain, waterfall, ozone, good atmosphere at Khun Dan Prathan Chon dam That will help heal the heart again With a good day that will make you happy In the midst of nature that is always a comforting companion Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam Located in Nakhon Nayok province And there is […]

HUA TA KHE Old Market, and Luangphaeng market 108 Years, community very charming.

ตลาดเก่าหัวตะเข้และตลาดหลวงแพ่ง ชุมชนโบราณมากเสน่ห์ ย่านลาดกระบัง

Classic old market That still remains in the market Including restaurants and cafes adapted to the era, suggesting the hua ta khe Old Market and Luangphaeng market 108 Years., The ancient community is very charming., Lat Krabang district, Bangkok, many groups of tourists interested to experience the tranquil atmosphere inviting relaxation. HUA TA KHE Old Market HUA TA KHE […]

Phuphaphet Cave Satun Province, a World Heritage Site under the primeval world

มหัศจรรย์ถ้ำภูผาเพชร จังหวัดสตูลเมืองมรดกโลกใต้ภิภพดึกดำบรรพ์

Wonders of the Phu Pha Phet Cave, Ban Khuan Din Dam Community Is a tourist attraction for conservation Located in the Khao Ban Wildlife Sanctuary Come to experience the magic of the 4th largest cave in the world, inviting a 360 ° virtual cave cave. It’s so beautiful. With an area of ​​approximately 50 rai in the cave, it is unbelievable […]

Urban forest project Green area in Bangkok Breathe in the ozone.

โครงการป่าในกรุง พื้นที่สีเขียวในกรุงเทพมหานคร สูดโอโซนกันให้ชื่นใจ

Urban forest project Green area in Bangkok Surrounded by big trees Strolling around the skywalk and enjoying nature Breathe in the ozone. With a corner to take pictures in the middle of nature Strolling Learned ecological forest in a sustainable way The Forest Project in the city is located on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, Dok Mai, Prawet, which is a development of green […]

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Go and watch animals underwater and on land.

บึงฉวากเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ไปเดินดูสัตว์โลกใต้น้ำและบนบกกัน

Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Gateway to the paradise of the underwater world, the sea and a variety of zoos. With a good atmosphere in the midst of a large Chawak lake Go to open the world to learn underwater animals. That will fill you with a holiday Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Is a large natural lake With a total area of ​​approximately 2,700 […]

Warm Sapan village Can you stay a long time Rice fields, Ban Sap Pan, Sap Pan Waterfall. Want to tell love, Nan province.

หมู่บ้านสะปันที่แสนอบอุ่น ท่ามกลางธรรมชาติขุนเขา อำเภอบ่อเกลือ จังหวัดน่าน

Ban Sapan, a nice village Surrounded by the warm mountains of Nan Province every time Located in the midst of nature of the mountains With streams flowing through And during the rainy season You can also see the view of the green rice fields as well. Good for relaxing Let life walk slowly with the cool, peaceful atmosphere and simple living of Sap Pan village. Ban Pan Pan […]

Phra That Doi Kong Mu The sacredness of the priceless city of Mae Hong Son.

พระธาตุดอยกองมู ความศักดิ์สิทธิ์คู่บ้านคู่เมืองของชาวแม่ฮ่องสอน

The faith of the people of the city of Mae Hong Son And is also one of the symbols of Mae Sorn province Which is a sacred relic “Phra That Doi Kong Mu” There are 2 beautiful pagodas, a large chedi containing relics of Mokkhullana Thera Buddha, brought from Myanmar Small pagoda Created by Phraya Singhanararat The first ruler of Mae Hong […]

Long necked Karen people Ban Huai Suea Tao Mae Hong Son Province

ชาวเขาเผ่ากะเหรี่ยงคอยาว บ้านห้วยเสือเฒ่า จังหวัดแม่ฮ่องสอน

Visit the long neck Karen village. Is a minority resident in Myanmar In the olden days, there was a big battle between the Karen forces and the SPDC. As a result, long-necked Karen people are affected, so they evacuated to escape the war borders and live in Thailand in Mae Hong Son province. The long neck Karen community […]