Amazing Betong Mongkolrit Tunnel, Yala Province

มหัศจรรย์ อุโมงค์เบตงมงคลฤทธิ์จังหวัดยะลา

Amazing Betong Mongkolrit tunnel Special characteristics that should not be missed. Visit the Betong Mongkolrit tunnel. During the night is very beautiful With the opening of the tunnel, a variety of lights will be added to make the lights beautiful. The location of the tunnel is located at Amornrit Road. Intersect with Phakdee Road, passing through the park to the road In front of the bird park Connect with Mongkhon Prachak Road Penetrated to the new town community, Grandview Village And connect with Ayeyberger Road Go to another Than Namthip community

Is a tunnel route for traveling by car throughout the first mountain in Thailand Which digging, curving, curving the car to run – come Construction with reinforced concrete The length of the tunnel is approximately 273 meters, 9 meters wide and 7 meters high. The surface of the traffic is 7 meters wide. The sidewalk is 1 meter wide. Each vehicle can run 60 kilometers per hour. Officially opened on January 1, 2001, able to walk to visit to take pictures together But watch out for cars that run around too

The best time to visit is evening – night. And can walk around the clock tower Is also beautiful And another nearby location is This old postbox Built in the year 2467 in World War II by Mr. Sanguan Jinda, Mayor of Betong District Who used to be a postman before The cabinet is located at the corner of Suk Yang Road. At the intersection of the clock tower in the heart of Betong The characteristics of the cabinet are round shape and reinforced concrete. There is a circumference of about 140 cm in the cabinet. If counting from the base up to a total height of about 320 centimeters, and from that day until today, it is over 80 years old.

Then don’t forget to stop by the Roti Clock Tower when arriving at Betong Clock Tower. Can’t miss it Is the original restaurant of Roti, which is delicious, crispy, sweet, butter, milk, sugar, special is roti, put eggs Jolly all night There are tourists in Malaysia walking together. And some times have to queue up to buy a long line

For more information, please contact TAT Yala Tel. 0 7352 2411, 0 7354 2345 
or Betong Tourism Coordination Center Tel. 0 7323 2039

Nearby attractions

  • Clock tower, the center of Betong city, beautiful at night
  • Ban Mae Bon Hot Spring Community
  • Thai-Malay border checkpoint
  • The world’s largest postbox
  • Gateway to Betong
  • Phra That Chedi Phra Phutthatham declared Phutthathiwas Temple
  • Betong City Museum
  • Street Art Betong

Location Betong Mongkhonrit tunnel : Betong district, Yala 95110 
Map coordinates :