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Chiang Rai Attractions, Karen Ruam Mitr House

ขี่ช้างสัมผัสวิถีชีวิตชนเผ่าชาวเขา บ้านกะเหรี่ยงรวมมิตร

Karen Ruam Mitr House Is an eco-tourism attraction that is famous for elephant riding and Karen lifestyle. Located along the Kok River Surrounded by villages consisting of many hill tribes such as Karen, Hmong, Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Tai Lue, at Karen Ruam Mitr House Started the elephant tour service since 1975, but still not widespread. Until being accepted by the surrounding community more […]

Passport locations in Thailand Near where .. go there


For many people who have a plan to travel abroad .. must have a passport, a cross-country passport? But it is a problem for many people who do not know where to go to make a passport … what to do At home, traveling is not far away, convenient to walk about making a passport. For crossing across […]

Passport procedure For the first-time start-up and renewal


Passport passports ( the Passport Thailand ) is a very important document. Like a universal card that can be Therefore, the person must go to do it yourself only. Can’t do it on behalf of each other.> Passport locations in Thailand Near where .. go there Documents that must be prepared for passports > For those who start their first passport Or renew the […]

Wat Sirindhornwararam

Sirinthorn Wararam Phupao Temple is located on a high hill. A wonderful tree glowing at night is beautifully set. Have simulated the environment of Pa Himmaphan Temple or Khao Krailas Temple At the top of the mountain, he can see the golden-colored temple. The highlight of the temple is The sight of the glowing green image of the Kalapapruek tree, […]

Happy heart, Singha Park Chiang Rai


If talking about Chiang Rai’s largest tea plantation, must go “Boonrod Singha Park” is not far from Chiang Rai city. It is an ideal place to relax and play outdoor activities. Which has a total area of ​​about 8,000 rai, has divided zones for playing activities and resting or going to see the scenery Can spin all the bikes […]

The clock tower changes the color of Buddhist art in the heart of Chiang Rai.


Morning dawn at 05.30 hrs. In the city of Chiang Rai Must not miss to visit the Buddhist Art Clock Tower. Which the clock tower of the Buddhist art project, Chiang Rai Province, has a feature that will change color during the night time from 19:00 to 06:00 hrs. Every day there will be lights inside, change […]

Ah Kha, Ban Pha Hee Chiang Rai province

วีถีชีวิตชาติพันธ์กับชนเผาอ่าข่าบ้านผาฮี้ จังหวัดเชียงราย

Travel Pha Hee Village Visit the way of life, burn Akha Natural center in Chiang Rai province., a hill tribe village With the charm of a peaceful lifestyle and simple living In the middle of nature with mountains surrounded As it is a fertile area of ​​the forest and has a cave that provides moisture and is used […]

Luang Cave – Khun Nam Nang Non The Legend of the Wild Boar 13

ถ้ำหลวง-ขุนน้ำนางนอน สถานที่แห่งตำนาน13หมูป่า

Chiang Rai Travel North of Siam Beautiful place And has a legendary place The recommended must come together is “Tham Luang – Khun Nam Nang Nang”, the story of the past events of 13 children trapped inside the cave for 18 days. Those who come to visit the natural environment and learn about This place together> North tourist attractions Nowadays, it has […]

Chui Fong tea plantation, beautiful scenery, lush green, refreshing as the green tea peak


Regardless of the season, “Chui Fong Tea Plantation”, Chiang Rai Province There are also lush green scenery. Looking around, you can see only the tea shoots. Makes you feel refreshed with a really warm atmosphere Do not miss the tea lovers. Must check in here It will make you feel refreshed with a variety of drinks, unlike anywhere else. And the […]