Amazing ponds sprinkling the origin of Khlong Thom Emerald Pool Krabi

มหัศจรรย์ บ่อน้ำผุดต้นกำเนิดสระมรกตคลองท่อม จังหวัดกระบี่

The best source of water sources That is clean The emerald color is beautiful in the middle of the forest. He must come together at Khlong Thom, Krabi. The only place in Thailand Why must come once ..? With this place There is a spring that comes from the cracks of the earth itself. There is a special pond springing out all year round. And has a clear, emerald green color

Waterfalls that flow from the upstream

Parking point: 
Parking for about 700 meters, will reach the gate that has to pay entrance fee.

Place of parking spots

Fee rate: 
10 baht for children, 20 baht for adults (for Thai people), 
100 baht for children, 200 baht for adults (for foreigners)

Front entrance

Walking distance 1400 meters

A sign to enter the path to the Emerald Pool
Route to Emerald Pool

Hiking trails 
After that, there are 2 paths for walking into the Emerald Pool. 
1. It is a route through the forest of 800 meters distance. 
2. It is a natural study route to be a water source. And many trees And a group of hornbills, birds, and many other species, a distance of 1400 meters. 
For me, choose route 2 Is a nature study route

Emerald pool

Emerald Pool
” Emerald Pool” is a very popular place for foreign tourists. And Thai people as well Because with clear water to play Relaxing, refreshing the body Hot weather Must come and play here

Emerald pool

For “Pond Phut”, walk away from the Emerald Pool. Distance of 200 meters

Origin of spring water

The pool is 15 – 20 meters in size. Is a pond that is very clean and clear Because this water source has flowed through limestone mountains Which contains substances of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), causing the substance to float in the sedimentation water Therefore has emerald color

In the middle of the pool will be seen as water sprung With the bottom of the pond having a crack of the earth’s crust Which in the earth’s crust has a liquid with heat called Magma. This heat will evaporate through the earth’s crust.

Travel can come throughout the year. And come to relax and appreciate nature Experience the shady atmosphere in the middle of the forest. That looks lush throughout

Location : Khlong Thom Nuea Subdistrict, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120 
Map :