Chong Khao Khat, World War II history Kanchanaburi City

ช่องเขาขาด ประวัติศาสตร์สมัยสงครามโลกครั้งที่2 เมืองกาญจนบุรี

Tourist attraction “Chong Khao Khat ” is a memory museum. Located in the area of ​​64–65 km on Highway 323, Kanchanaburi – Sai Yok – Thong Pha Phum

Office of the visitor service

From the past that used to be an area of ​​terrifying events Today, this place has become a collection of photos. Appliances during World War II railway construction by the Australian government Established a museum in a beautiful order

Photo information And history

Within the area there is a nature trail to the Chong Khao Khat. Which is a garden of the Death Railway that was a prisoner of war in World War 2, cutting the rocky mountains by hand without modern tools To be a channel for building the Thai-Burma railway (Death Railway Route) There are still signs of the railway appearing on the railway route.

Nature trail
Nature trail
Nature trail
Nature trail

The history of the Hellfire Pass excavation began in April 1943. It appears that the work was delayed, so there was a period in which the prisoners of war were rushed. New Zealand who are arrested as laborers All have to work across the day overnight Use the force to extract the mountain by hand. Which is a very brutal work Because having to climb down to extract in the gorge, which is sometimes up to 11 meters, almost without breathing air and still have to work in the hot weather during March.

A statement from a former prisoner of war That was accidentally found on the Memorial Day event Makes you feel depressed Because of the prisoner of war labor In water and food shortage When sick, doctors and medical devices are not enough for nursing. Must take care of each other There were both captives who fell ill. And there are both captives who have died

In order to reach

Pictures of prisoners of war and laborers at the Chong Khao Khat must work at night with light from the crowd. Fire and Brigade makes Reflecting the shadow of the prisoner of war and the warden on the wall Causing here to be called “Hell Fire Channel”

Hellfire Pass route

For nature walks 
Both routes use different walking times. The walk in the gorge takes about 1.5-2 hours. The upper part is tired and takes about 3-4 hours, but most of them come together. Will walk to the Chong Khao Khat and walk back If anyone comes, the administrator recommends wearing shoes that are suitable for walking, such as sneakers or hiking shoes.

Nature trail
Nature trail
Nature trail

Which on 25 April of each year is the Anzac Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) or Memorial Day for Australian-New Zealand veterans There is a ritual to commemorate the soldiers who died in the war.

Nature trail

Visit and contact information
– open for viewing every Monday – Sunday 9.00 am – 16.00 pm, free of charge for any visits 
– contact us at 034-531-347, 08-1754-2098, 08-1814-7564

Traveling to the Chong Khao Khat Museum 
Kanchanaburi Town – 80 km Chong Khao Khat Museum, 
Sai Yok Noi Waterfall – 20 km 
Chong Khao Khat Museum, Chong Khao Khat – Sai Yok Yai Waterfall 20 km

Location : Tha Sao Sub-district, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi 71150 
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