Chinatown in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

ไชน่าทาวน์เยาวราชในกลางเมืองกรุงเทพฯ เดินช็อป หาร้านนั่งกิน เพลินๆไป

China town, Yaowarat, in the heart of Bangkok Classified as a tourist destination, both Thai and foreign ever. Is a residential area of ​​Thai-Chinese people And business area with a length of approximately 1,410 meters, from the Odean Circle, Charoen Krung Road, ending at the Pirapong Road intersection with Mahachai Road and Jakpetch Road.

China town, Yaowarat

Most of the tourists like to walk, shop, buy food, and visit Chinese cultural activities. Whether it is a temple, a community, a way of life Beautiful residential buildings And can’t miss is the Yaowarat annual event

Tuk Tuk

Good food sources such as Lek & Rut, the first seafood restaurant in Yaowarat, Aisa Sae, coffee shops and toast Old shop opened for over 80 years, Hainanese chicken rice, ancient suki, Thai Heng restaurant, the first restaurant that sells Hainanese chicken and Sukiyaki rice using charcoal stove, clear water noodles of Hia Lek To the charcoal toast shop that has a lot of stuffing

China town, Yaowarat

Ba hao tian mi, a small cafe in Chinatown, pudding menu for those who like With the atmosphere of the shop that matches with China Looking for a beautiful photo corner

Ba hao tian mi cafe
Ba hao tian mi cafe

Many tourist attractions and activities, such as paying respect to monks and making merit at Wat Chaisongkram Temple Is a royal temple of the third class Built during the reign of Rama 3, Dragon Temple, Kamalawat. (Wat Leng Nei Yi) Chinese temple under the Chinese sect of sect of Thailand, Kuan Im Shrine Tien Fa Foundation Located on Yaowarat Road, a little walk from the Odean roundabout

Dragon Temple of Kamalawat (Leng Nei Yi Temple)

Historic sites Must visit Arch of Honor Odeon Circus In honor of the King Rama IX, the Gold Museum Kang Desktop Gold Store Built since the reign of King Rama 6, Yaowarat historical center, 2nd floor of Phra Mondop, Wat Traimit Wittayaram Worawihan A learning center which compiles the history of Chinatown that is more than 200 years old to the present day Or stop at Songwao Road Cycling around the old building Reminiscing

Arch of Honor Odeon Circus
Wat Traimit Witthayaram Worawihan

A place to learn about Chinese life and culture The Old House Museum tells the story. Which exhibits the equipment of the generation of grandparents such as opera sets, typewriters, newspapers and old books For the children to see the old days of the old together And is hard to find nowadays

The Old House Museum tells the story.

For those who like to shop Chinatown has cheap products like Sampeng market. The largest wholesale gift shop in Thailand To the many gold stores that have a lot to choose from .. Walking around Sampeng, beat 1-6 O’clock .. Read more ..

Shops in Sampeng area are available both morning and night.

Opening hours – from 07.00 – 01.00 hrs. Can travel throughout the year.

Additional Information: This Chinatown will have a great celebration during the Chinese New Year. Around the month of February of every year There will be performances by Chinese traditions, such as opera shows, lion dance shows. And the dragon show And there are many food kiosks

Nearby attractions

  • Chinatown
  • scout
  • Khlong Thom
  • Sampeng
  • The Old House Museum tells the story. Charoen Chai Community
  • Arch of Honor
  • Wat Traimit Witthayaram Worawihan
  • War Victory Temple
  • Kuan Yin Shrine Tien Fa Foundation


MRT Wat Dragon Station
  • Travel by MRT, get off at Wat Mangkorn station, travel station along the blue sky train. Read more ..
  • Take a bus Run through Chinatown, including routes 1, 7, 8, 37, 49 and 75
  • By boat, board the boat at Wanglang Pier Then go down to the boat at the royal pier From there, walk to see the old western buildings and old shops in Talad Noi area on Ratchawong Road. And then will reach the Chinatown area
  • Taxi
  • Cars 
    , parking places around Yaowarat
  • Pichaiyat Building 
    Service Fee: 50 baht per hour. Remaining of the next hour more than 10 minutes is calculated as 1 hour and parked 24 hours, equivalent to one day. Wow. Very Detail. 
    Google coordinates:
  • Kanchanathat Tower Building 
    Fee: 50 baht per hour. 
    Coordinates on Google:
  • Grand China Hotel, 
    Fee: 40 baht per hour. 
    Google coordinates:
  • Texas parking. 
    Service fee: first hour 40 baht, every half hour for the next 20 baht. 
    Google coordinates:
  • Chaiyaphum Karam temple. 
    Fee: Although the name is a temple. But not kind enough to park for free in any way. The first hour is 40 baht. The next hour is 30 baht. The remaining hour is 1 hour. 
    Google coordinates:
  • The Hakka Association 
    Fees: 40 baht per hour. 
    Google coordinates:
  • Foot Bath 
    Service Fee: (Fine fee) At the discretion of the staff. There is also a Win Win kind person to serve you to pay the fine at the police station all the time. Transportation costs to and from police stations are around 100 baht (negotiated)

Location : Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong District Bangkok province 
map coordinates :